Amazing Facts About Australian Native Plants





By Cathy Hope

Australia has a vast array of fascinating plants, and it gives me much pleasure to publish this book, which will unlock many of the secrets of the complex plant communities that are absolutely vital for all other living creatures. From ancient conifer trees and cycads that offer a glimpse of the dinosaurs' world to the soft and beautifully matched pastel colours on gum trunks and to blooming deserts of wildflowers after rain – Australia's plant life really is stunning.

Discover two independent organisms that live together to become lichen; uncover the facts about the two types of tree that dominate the continent and discover the importance of the little-noticed grasses. Get the facts on how plants entice animals to work for them, and delve into the variety and specialisation of some of the plants' "architecture".

Discovering more about Australia has captivated me since I was a child. I pored over books, watched countless documentaries and enjoyed visiting science centres and museums. I hope that, like me, you will enjoy reading about the great diversity of plants that are the foundation of our world. We are fortunate that something so vital also provides us with such a spectacular environment!

225 x 290 mm, 80 pages, Book



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