Australian Ripping Yarns 2




Pirates, poisoners, scoundrels, screen stars, ratbags and roguesBuccaneers and blood-curdling cannibals, heroes and villains, legends and lowlife. An absorbing cavalcade of characters and events that have helped shape the Australian heritage. THE PIRATES From Dampier on – our swashbuckling beginnings. THE HOLLYWOOD IDOLS The extraordinary Errol Flynn and ‘The World’s Most Perfect Woman’, Annette Kellerman – sex symbols who had moviegoers worldwide gasping with shock and delight. THE DEADLY ENIGMAS The Bogle-Chandler sex scandal and the killings that baffled the world’s best. The vanishing ship – what happened to the Waratah, the liner that just disappeared? THE SPORTING EPICS The Sydney title fight that sparked a lynching rampage. The Miracle Mile and Test Cricket’s most astonishing win. THE MACABRE The husband who murdered his wife. The war hero the government tried to kill. The cannibals who ate a ship’s crew.Soft laminated cover. Perfect bound. B/W text & images. 272 pages. 233mm X 153mm. (2007). ISBN 9781741248623

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