Butterflies of Australia




Joint Winner of the 2001 Whitley Medal.
Finalist Scholarly Reference section – The Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing 2001.

This outstanding work is the ultimate guide for the identification of Australia’s butterflies.

Nearly 400 species – all those currently recognised from Australia, plus those from surrounding islands – are represented, with all adults and some immature stages displayed in stunning colour sections.

Introductory chapters cover the history of publications, classification, morphology, distribution, conservation and collection, together with a checklist of the butterfly fauna. The body of the text is arranged systematically, providing a wealth of information including description, variation, similar behaviour, distribution and habitat, and major literature references, giving a comprehensive summary of the present state of knowledge of these insects. Appendices provide details of those species recorded from Australian islands outside the Australian faunal subregion, those protected by legislation, the larval food plants, and the attendant ants. Extensive references, a glossary and an index of scientific and common names complete the work.

Colour illustrations
2 volumes, 1004 pages
Publisher: CSIRO PUBLISHING 2000

Hardback – ISBN: 9780643065918

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