Congo Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo Map Reise




This map appears on the Map Series World Mapping Project ™ with travel expertise. It is characterized by the high quality, clear and modern cartographic representation.

  • Contour lines with elevations
  • Couloured altitude layers
  • Classified road network with distances
  • Attractions
  • Expanded Location Index
  • GPS capability by latitude and longitude
  • Four-language legend (Dt., Engl., French., Span.)
  • Small political overview map

ISBN: 978-3-8317-7191-2

Edition: 2nd Edition
Scale: 1: 2000000
Height unfolded: 70cm
Width unfolded: 100cm
Features: format: approx 70×100 cm, 2-sided, Material: Polyart (tear and waterproof, writable), envelope cardboard (card can be removed and used without envelope)
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