Darwin 1-1,000,000 Topographic Map Geoscience Australia


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Darwin 1-1,000,000 Topographic Map Geoscience Australia1: 1 Million General Reference Topographic Map

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This map is part of a series which comprises 50 maps which covers the whole of Australia at a scale of 1:1 000 000 (1cm on a map represents 10km on the ground). Each standard map covers an area of 6 degrees longitude by 4 degrees latitude or about 590 kilometres east to west and about 440 kilometres from north to south. These maps depict natural and constructed features including transport infrastructure (roads, railway airports), hydrography, contours, hypsometric and bathymetric layers, localities and some administrative boundaries, making this a useful general reference map.

Locations within this Map 

Holothuria Banks Baldwin Bank Bonaparte Basin Bonaparte Depression Bonaparte Gulf Basin Sahul Shelf Van Cloon Shoal Batchelor Belyuen Adelaide River Daly River Darwin Howard Springs Kalumburu Kununurra McMinns Lagoon Palmerston Palumpa Peppimenarti Pine Creek Port Keats Wadeye Timber Creek Wyndham Oombulgurri Batchelor Airfield Daly River Aerodrome Lee Point Quartz Knob Fairview Peak Milne Inlet Mount Wells Aida Creek Jumpup Gregory National Park 50/73 Bore 51/73 Bore 54 Mile Bore 62 Mile Bore 8 Mile Yard A Yards Abbott Patches Acacia Creek Acacia Gap Acacia Hills Acacia Larrakia Ada Creek Adam Bay Adealide River Railway Precinct Adelaide River West Branch Adelaide River Fire Station Adelaide River Health Centre Adelaide River Mine Adelaide River Pioneer Cemetery Adelaide River Police Station Adelaide River Post Office Adelaide River School Adelaide River School and Community Library Adelaide River War Cemetery Adelaide River Wartime Civilian Cemetery Aeneas Creek Afghan Gully Mine Alawa Alawa Park Alawa Pre School Alawa Primary School Albany Park Albany Park Airfield Alberts Waterhole Alex Gory Park Alf Blaser Park Algies Bore Allamber Springs Allamurr Park Allen Park Allia Creek Alligator Billabong Alligator Creek Alligator Head Alligator Hole Alligator Hole Yard Alligator Lagoon Alligator Point Alligator Rock Hole Alligator Springs Waterhole Alligator Waterhole Alpha Creek Amangal Indigenous Village Amsterdam Park Amys Creek Andrews Point Angalarri River Angleara Waterhole Angler Reef Anna Creek Annaburroo Annaburroo Billabong Anne Park Annie Mine Anopheles Creek Anson Bay Antony Memorial Park Anula Anula Oval Anula Pre School Anula Primary School Anwoollolla Lagoon Arafura Park Archer Archies Bore Ardnarea Bluff Area A Mine Area B Mine Argument Camp Bore Ariat Park Aroona Bore Aroona Creek Aroona Creek Yard Aroona Spring Yard Arthur Inlet Arthurs Hill Ascension Park Audrey Creek Augusta Crown Augustus Hole Aulds Lagoon Austral Creek Australian Aviation Heritage Centre Australian Pearling Exhibition Auvergne Auvergne Lagoon Auvergne Lagoon Creek Auvergne Landing Ground Aviators Park Ayers Point Back Creek Baghdad Bore Baghdad Yard Bagot Bagot Park Bail Me Up Creek Baines Baines River Bakewell Bakewell Pre School Bakewell Primary School Bald Hill Creek Bald Hills Bore Bald Park Ballyangle Waterhole Bamboo Moon Boon Creek Bamboo Creek Bamboo Creek Tin Mine Bamboo Point Ban Ban Airfield Ban Ban Lagoon Ban Ban Springs Banana Hill Bank Shoal Banyan Banyan Creek Banyan Farm Banyan Farm Tourist Park Banyan Waterhole Bardia Bore Bardia Yard Bare Sand Island Bark Hut Inn Barlte Reef Mine Barney Bluff Barrabarrac Creek Barrak Barrak Barramundi Dam Barramundi Yard Barramundie Pump Barrets Mine Barrow Creek Barthelemy Hills Basalt Bore Bass Reef Batchelor Area School Batchelor College Batchelor Community Library Batchelor Health Centre Batchelor Police Station Batchelor Post Office Batchelor Pre School Bateman Shoal Battle Creek Batts Bore Bayview Bayview Marina Bayview Park Beagle Gulf Beasley Knob Beatrice Bay Beatrice Creek Beatrice Hill Beatrice Lagoon Beatrice Rock Beaumont Park Becker Creek Becker Park Beeboom Crossing Beer-Eetar Island Bees Creek Bees Creek Pre School Bees Creek Primary School Beetsons Creek Belbowi Billabong Bellamack Bellatrix Park Bellbird Bells Creek Belyuen Health Centre Belyuen School Ben Bunga Creek Ben Hole Benham Waterhole Benhams Lagoon Benjamin Lagoon Bennett Park Bennett Shoal Bennetts Creek Benning Waterhole Benning Yard Berrimah Berrimah Farm Berrimah Post Office Berry Creek Berry Springs Berry Springs Nature Park Berry Springs Pre School Berry Springs Primary School Bevans Bore Bicentennial Park Big Horse Boat Ramp Big Horse Camping Ground Big Horse Creek Big Knob Waterhole Bill Bell Park Bill Lewis Park Bill Shoal Bill Sullivan Park Billabong Creek Billabong Ridge Billabong Waterhole Billawock Hill Billy Shepherd Park Billycan Trap Yard Bine-Jeruk Falls Birch Carroll and Coyle Casuarina Cinemas Birch Carroll and Coyle Darwin City Cinemas Bird Lagoon Black Bull Yard Black Fella Island Black Jungle Black Jungle / Lambells Lagoon Conservation Reserve Black Point Black Rock Yard Black Tank Turkey Nest Black Water Creek Blackcat Blackfellow Creek Blackmore Blackmore Hill Blackmore Point Blackmore River Blagok Pool Blaydin Point Blaze Reef Bleesers Creek Bludells Creek Blue Lily Lagoon Bluebush Waterhole Blunder Bay Blyth Homestead Bob Creek Bobs Grave Spring Bobs Hill Bobs Knob Bogga Young Park Boggy Springs Boiling Water Springs Bondi Creek Bondi Ridge Bonnie Ranges Bonrook Bonrook Creek Boomleera Siding Booya Borella Park Bottle Glen Bottle Tree Bore Bottle Tree Yard Boucaut Ck Boundary Bore Boundary Bore Tank Boundary Creek Bowman Park Bowra Shoal Bradshaw Bradshaw Creek Bradshaw Field Training Area Bradshaws Tomb Brandy Bottle Bore Brandy Bottle Creek Brandy Bottle Yard Breakneck Pass Brian Chong Wee Park Brian Creek Brian Creek Monsoon Forest Brians Spring Brickies Rockhole Bridge Creek Bridge Creek Mine Brinkin British Motorist Britomart Park Broad Reach Brocks Creek Brocks Creek Cemetery Brocks Creek Mine Brolga Swamp Brooke Point Brooking Creek Brown Duck Waterhole Brown Point Brown Snake Mine Brownies Creek Browns Creek Browns Dam Brumby Run Bore Brumbyhole Bubble Bubble Bubble Bubble Spring Bucket Spring Bucket Springs Bucklands Creek Buffalo Creek Buffalo Creek Boat Ramp Buffalo Hills Bore Buffalo Rise Buffalo Spring Buldiva Creek Buldiva Mine Buley Rockhole Bulgul Bull Creek Bull Pocket Yard Bulla Bulla Camp School Bulla Health Centre Bulla Landing Ground Bulldog Pass Bullo Gorge Bullo River Bullo River Landing Ground Bullock Hole Bullock Hole Bore Bullocky Point Bulls Hole Creek Bulls Run Creek Bundaberg Bore Bunyip Farm Burdens Creek Burge Point Burketown Waterhole Burnett House Burnside Burnside Mine Burrell Billabong Burrells Creek Burrundie Burrundie Siding Burton Creek Butler Creek Butterfly Gorge Butterfly Gorge Nature Park Butters Park Bynoe Bynoe Harbour Bynoe Range Byrne Park Cahill Park Calder Creek Caledonian Creek Caledonian Mine Calf Billabong Calvert Park Camballin Spring Cambell Spring Yard Cameron Downs Cameron Park Camerons Beach Camp Creek Camp Oven Bore Campbell Springs Mine Campbells Bore Canteen Creek Cape Dombey Cape Ford Cape Grose Cape Hay Cape Hotham Cape Hotham Conservation Reserve Cape Hotham Forest Reserve Cape Hotham Lighthouse Cape Scott Carpentaria Park Cascades castle Point Castlemaine Hill Casuarina Casuarina Ambulance Station Casuarina Bapist Church Casuarina Beach Casuarina Coastal Reserve Casuarina Delivery Annex Casuarina Fire Station Casuarina Health Centre Casuarina Holy Spirit Church Casuarina Plaza Casuarina Police Station Casuarina Post Office Casuarina Public Library Casuarina Senior College Casuarina Square Shopping Centre Casuarina Swimming Pool Casuarina Village Shopping Centre Catalina Island Catfish Isalnd Cattle Creek Cedar Lagoon Yard Celias Creek Cemetery Plain Centre Bore Centre Yard Chalanyi Creek Chambers Bay Chandlers Creek Channel Island Channel Island Boat Ramp Channel Island Power Station Channel Point Channel Point Boat Ramp Channel Point Coastal Reserve Channel Point Landing Ground Channel Rock Charles Darwin Charles Darwin University Casuarina Charles Darwin University Palmerston Charles Point Charles Point Lighthouse Charles Point Patches Charlies Creek Charlotte Charlotte River East Branch Chillara Billabong Chilling Creek Chinaman Creek Chrisp Street Oval Christmas Creek Cigarette Spring Yard Civic Square Clara Farm Claravale Clarks Crossing Cleanskin Swamp Cleanskin Yard Cliff Head Clive Graham Park Clonmara Creek Clump Hill Clump Island Cmax Cinemas Cockatoo Creek Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Lagoon Coconut Grove Collah Waterhole Collett Creek Collins Dam Colster Park Colvin Point Compass Creek Conacher Street Boat Ramp Confalonieri Park Coolalinga Coolamon Coolibah Coolibah Landing Ground Coolibah Swamp Coomalie Creek Coomalie Creek Left Branch Coomalie Creek Right Branch Coomalie Landing Ground Coomalie Waterhole Coonawarra Copeland Park Copperfield Creek Corbets Mine Corkscrew Pass Corner Tank Corneys Creek Cornwallis Park Corrawara Creek Corroboree Camp Corroboree Park Tavern Cosmohowley Mine Cossack Creek Costello Yard Coulter Creek County of Disraeli County of Malmesbury County of Palmerston County of Rosebery Couzens Lookout Cow Creek Cow Creek Bore Cow Creek Yard Cow Pocket Creek Cow Springs Cox Peninsula Crab Claw Island Crab Claw Island Boat Ramp Crab Claw Island Landing Ground Crab Hole Plains Crabbe Creek Craig Creek Crater Lake Cridlands Bore Crocodile Bore Crocodile Creek Crocodile Hole Yard Crocodile Island Crocodile Yard Croker Hill Crowbar Yards CSIRO Grass Farm CSIRO Manbulloo Research Station CSIRO Tropical Ecosystems Research Centre CSIRO Village Cubaran Waterhole Cui-Eci Creek Cullen Bay Cullen Bay Boat Ramp Cullen Beach Cullen Hill Cullen River Cullen Siding Cunningham Park Curiosity Peak Curlew Park Da Costa Park Daly Daly Range Daly River Health Centre Daly River Mine Daly River Nature Park Daly River Police Station Dalys Creek Damoe-Ra Park Damoger Damper Valley Dariba Rock Darkies Hole Darrandarra Darwin Adventist Primary School Darwin Ambulance Station Darwin Botanic Gardens Darwin City Darwin Fire Station Darwin Gaol Darwin General Cemetery Darwin Golf Club Darwin Harbour Darwin High School Darwin Hospital Darwin International Airport Darwin Middle School Darwin Military Museum Darwin Naval Base Darwin Police Station Darwin Post Office Darwin Princess Darwin Private Hospital Darwin Public Library Darwin RAAF Golf Course Darwin Railway Station Darwin River Darwin River Dam Darwin Showgrounds Dash Lagoon Dashwood Plains Dawson Hill Dawson Rock Day Point De Monchaux Creek Dead Finish Creek Dead Finish Yard Dead Fish Billabong Dead Horse Creek Dead Horse Hill Dead Horse Point Death Corner Dam Deckchair Cinema Dee Creek Dee Yard Deep Creek Deep Creek Yard Deepwater Defect Creek Delamere Delamere Bombing Range Delamere Creek Delamere Creek Yard Delamere Range Facility Deleye Denises Turkey Nest Dennys Hill Depot Creek Desmonds Passage Dick Creek Dickinson Park Dilke Range Dillon Park Dinah Beach Dinah Beach Boat Ramp Dinah Oval Dingo Creek Dinnabung Creek Dirty Water Billabong Ditchi Ditji Beach Djarrung Djukbinj National Park Djurrung Campground Docherty Creek Docherty Hills Docherty Island Doctors Gully Dodger Spring Yard Dolly Dolly Creek Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre Donalds Lagoon Donkey Bore Doojum Dooley Point Door Creek Dora Creek Dorisvale Dorisvale Park Dot Lagoon Douglas Douglas Creek Douglas Crossing Douglas Daly Experimental Station Douglas Daly School Douglas Hot Springs Douglas River Douglas River Mine Douglas-Daly Draytons Reef Dribler Bore Driftwood Island Dripstone Caves Dripstone Middle School Driver Driver Pre School Driver Primary School Drovers Rest Dry Yard Duck Hole Duckhole Bore Dudley Park Dudley Point Duke Street Rainforest Dum In Mirrie Island Dunbar Park Dundee Beach Dundee Beach Boat Ramp Dundee Beach School Dundee Downs Dundee Downs Javelin Road Boat Ramp Dundee Downs Unjin Road Boat Ramp Dundee Fishing Club Dundee Forest Durack Durack Pre School Durack Primary School Dutchies Lagoon Dwyer Park Dysentery Creek East Arm East Arm Boat Ramp East Arm Wharf East Baines Gorge East Baines River East Point East Point Aquatic Life Reserve East Point Reserve East Vernon Island Eaton Eckerbone Waterhole Edith Edith River Edith River Farms Edna Creek Edwin Creek Eight Mile Creek Ejong Waterhole Elizabeth Downs Elizabeth Reef Elizabeth River Elizabeth River Boat Ramp Ella Creek Elliot Creek Elliott Point Elrundie Elrundie Peninsula Emerald Spring Emerald Springs Emery Point Emily Bore Emily Bore Landing Ground Emily Creek Emma Creek Empire Springs Emu Bend Waterhole Emu Creek Emu Plain Emu Point Emu Reefs Emu Spring Endeavour Hill Entrance Island Eric Asche Park Ernie Lagoon Escape Cliffs Escape Cliffs Historical Reserve Escape Cliffs Settlement Eshelby Inlet Esmeralda Farm Essington Park Essington School Ettie Creek Eva Valley Fairway Waters Fancy Creek Fannie Bay Fannie Bay Gaol Fannie Bay Oval Fannie Bay Racecourse Fapiwatti Far View Peak Farrants Creek Farrar Feedlot Bore Feedlot Tank Fenton Airfield Fenton Patches Fergusson River Fig Tree Yard Fingerboard Creek Fingerpost Creek Finniss Range Finniss River Finniss River East Branch Finniss River South Branch Finniss River Landing Ground Finniss Valley Fire Dreaming Island Fire Yard Fish Billabong Fish Reef Fish River Fish River Landing Ground Fish Waterholes Fisher Lagoon Fishermans Wharf Fishers Lode Mine Fitzmaurice River Fitzroy Fitzroy Landing Ground Fitzroy Range Fitzroy Station Five Mile Beach Five Mile Creek Flag Point Flag Rock Flapper Hill Bore Flapper Hill Turkeynest Flat Rock Yard Fleming Fletchers Gully Mine Flight Path Golf & Archery Flinders Park Flood Hill Flood Mark Island Flora McLaren Park Flora River Flora River Nature Park Florence Creek Florence Falls Florina Fly Creek Flying Fox Creek Flying Fox Spring Flying Fox Swamp Foelsche Bank Foelsche Headland Fog Bay Fogg Dam Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve Fong Park Foolnot Creek Ford Hill Forsyth Creek Forsyth Creek Barrage Fort Hill Fort Hill Wharf Fort Point Forwood Bore Fossil Head Fossil Summit Fountain Head Mine Fountain Head Siding Four Corner Bore Four Mile Creek Four Mile Dam Frances Bay Frances Bay Mooring Basin Frances Creek Freds Pass Freds Yard Bore Frenela Park Fright Point Frog Hollow Fry Creek Furness Creek Gaden Park Gager Park Gale Shoal Gandys Hill Garamanak Park Gardens Cemetery Gardens Oval Gardens Oval 2 Gardens Park Gardens Park Golf Links Geoid Park George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens George Creek George Park Georges Bore Georges Creek Bore Georges Creek Yard Geranium Channel Giants Reef Gillen Point Gilruth Neck Gilruth Point Gilwi Gingers Hill Ginties Bore Ginty Mcginness Park Gipsy Creek Girraween Girraween Lagoon Girraween Pre School Girraween Primary School Glass Water Swamp Glen Huitson Park Glen Luckie Creek Glencoe Park Glenys Mine Glyde Point Goanna Creek Goanna Park Goanna Spring Goanna Waterhole Goat Island Golden Dyke Mine Golden Gate Creek Golden Grove Park Goobaieri Bay Good Shepherd Lutheran School Goodall Mine Goodilla Siding Googlie Holes Goose Lagoon Gordon Park Gordon Stott Park Gore Channel Goreys Bore Gorge Creek Gould Landing Ground Granite Creek Gray Gray Pre School Gray Primary School Great Northern Mine Grebe Park Green Ant Creek Green Springs Green Swamp Green Swamp Bore Green Valley Greenant Creek Greenwood Island Greenwood Park Gregory Bar Gregory Billabong Yard Gregory Bore Gregory Creek Gregory Yard Gregorys Tree Grimshaws Bore Groote Park Grose Island Grove Hill Grove Hill Siding Gsell Park Guido Zuccoli Flyover Guilfoyle Reef Gulnare Park Gulngarring Gum Creek Gunn Gunn Channel Gunn Creek Gunn Point Gunn Reef Gurrandalng Camping Area Guys Creek Gwyn Park Gypsy Creek Halfway Peak Halleys Park Ham Luong Reef Hancox Shoal Hardies Creek Hardy Inlet Hardys Creek Haritos Park Harmanis Park Harriet Park Harrison Dam Harrys Knob Hart Point Harvey Norman Park Harwood Park Hatter Hill Havlik Park Hayball Park Haycock Hill Haycock Reach Hayes Billabong Hayes Creek Hayes Creek Inn Hayes Park Hayward Creek Hayward Park Hayward Yard Hazard Creek Heathers Lagoons Heaton Hill Hector Waterhole Helen Creek Henbury School Henry Ellis Reef Henschke Falls Herbert Herbert Point Heritage Park Hermit Creek Hermit Hill Hickey Dam Hidden Valley Hidden Valley Motor Sports Complex High Water Inlet Hillcrest Hingston Beach Hintons Waterholes HMAS Coonawarra Holdfast Reach Hollands Creek Holly Spring Holmes Holmes Jungle Holmes Jungle Nature Park Holtze Holy Family Catholic Primary School Holy Spirit Catholic School Home Billabong Homestead Creek Honeymoon House Hoods Duck Ponds Hope Inlet Hores Hores Waterholes Horn Billabong Horners Creek Horners Creek Mine Hornet Hill Horns Creek Horse Spring Horseshoe Billabong Hot Water Billabong Hotham Howard Channel Howard Knoll Howard Park Howard Peninsula Howard River Howard River Boat Ramp Howard Springs Forestry Reserve Howard Springs Nature Park Howard Springs Post Office Howard Springs Pre School Howard Springs Primary School Howland Shoals Howley Howley Creek Hudson Creek Hughes Hughes Field Humbles Creek Bore Humbles Creek Line Tank Humpty Doo Humpty Doo & Rural Area Golf Club Humpty Doo Fire Station Humpty Doo Police Station Humpty Doo Post Office Humpty Doo Pre School Humpty Doo Primary School Hundred of Ayers Hundred of Bagot Hundred of Beaconsfield Hundred of Berinka Hundred of Blyth Hundred of Bray Hundred of Bundey Hundred of Cavenagh Hundred of Colton Hundred of Finniss Hundred of Glyde Hundred of Goyder Hundred of Gregory Hundred of Guy Hundred of Hart Hundred of Hawkshaw Hundred of Howard Hundred of Hughes Hundred of Hutchison Hundred of Milne Hundred of Parsons Hundred of Paton Hundred of Playford Hundred of Sanderson Hundred of Selwyn Hundred of Strangways Hundred of Waterhouse Hungry Billabong Yard Hungry Knob Hut Point Hyland Bay Ida Bay Ida Scott Park Ikymbon River Illari Hill Ilwaddy Creek Imaluk Beach Imaluk Spring Indian Hill Indian Island Ingaladdi Bore Ingaladdi No 2 Bore Ingaladdi Waterhole Ingaladdi Waterhole Yard Ingurmunai Creek Injin Beach Innesvale Landing Ground Inukalen Cataract Iron Blow Mine Iron Ore Wharf Iron Stone Ironstone Knob Ironstone Lagoon Ivanoff J41 Yard Jack Brumby Creek Jack White Park Jackman Yard Jans Rise Jarong Spring Jarong Spring Yard Jarrnarm Camp Ground Jarrold Hills Jasper Creek Jessops Mine Jimmy Ah Toy Oval Jimmys Creek Jimmys Knob Mine Jindare Jinduckin Creek Jingili Jingili Park Jingili Pre School Jingili Primary School Joan Fejo Park Joans Creek Joes Creek Jogi Creek John Veal EDM Baseline Johns Creek Johns Hill Johnson Park Johnston Johnstone Hole Bore Johnstone Waterhole Johnstone Waterhole Yard Jones Bank Jones Creek Jones Point Jool Chung Creek Joseph Bonaparte Gulf Jungle Creek Kahlin Kahlin Beach Kahlin Oval Kailis Park Kangaroo Flats Kangaroo Flats Training Ground Kangaroo Point Kanyaka Kapalga Park Karama Karama Post Office Karama Pre School Karama Primary School Karama Public Library Karracumby Peak Karu Park Katherine River Kathleen Falls Kathy Creek Keep Bore Keep River Keep River Gorge Keep River Landing Ground Keep River National Park Keep River Ranger Station Keep Yard Kelerrk Kelleway Reef Kellog Bore Kemp Landing Ground Ken Waters Memorial Park Kennedy Creek Kens Bay Keri Keyling Inlet Kiara Rock Kilfoyle Creek Kilfoyle Plains Kilfoyle Waterhole Kilian Park Kimmorley Bridge Kims Yard King Billabong Tank King Billabong Yard King Junction Yard King Point King River Kings Creek Kings Table Kinmore Point Kintore Park Kirks Spring Kneebone Kneebore Landing Ground Knife Island Knight Reef Knuckey Lagoon Knuckey Lagoon Indigenous Village Knuckey Lagoons Knuckey Siding Kollendong Valley Konaxgi Pool Koolendong Valley Koolpinyah Koolpinyah Park Korebum Lagoon Kormilda College Kruss Creek Kubuyirr Kudantiga Kulaluk Kulshill Creek Kultchill Kumbunbur Creek Kunji Creek Kuriyippi Creek Kurrowa Creek Kurumba Beach Kurumba Shoal Kuwang Lookout Kuwuma Kuy Kwombom Kybrook Kybrook Farm Labelle Downs Lady Alice Camp Lagoon Creek Lagoon Hill Lake Alexander Lake Bennett Lake Deane Lake Finniss Lalngang Creek Lambells Lagoon Lameroo Beach Landing Ground Larrakeyah Larrakeyah Barracks Larrakeyah Pre School Larrakeyah Primary School Larrakia Park Larung Yard Launceston Creek Laurie Billabong Laurie Creek Laurie Cubillo Park Leaders Creek Leaders Creek Boat Ramp Leaning Tree Lagoon Leanyer Leanyer Pre School Leanyer Primary School Leanyer Recreational Park Leanyer Swamp Legune Legune Landing Ground Leichardt Leichhardt Creek Leichhardt Paddock Leichhardt Point Leichhardt Tank Leonardts Bore Leprosarium Leviathan Creek Leviathan Mine Lewin Creek Lewin Springs Liddy Hill Lightning Creek Lily Creek Lily Pond Lily Waterhole Lilyarba Creek Limestone Creek Limestone Hill Limul Limul Lagoons Linde Park Lindens Bore Lindsay Park Lindy Danks Park Litchfield Litchfield Christian School Litchfield Creek Litchfield Outstation Litchfield Park Litchfield Swamp Little Darwin River Little Finniss River Little Fitzmaurice River Little Horse Creek Little Jungle Yard Little Policemans Waterhole Littlejohn Camp Littlejohn Springs Livingstone Livingstone Field Livistona Park Lloyd Creek Lloyds Creek Lobby Creek Lockwood Park Loee Patches London Lagoon Long Airfield Long Grass Bore Long Pocket Creek Longobia Pool Lookout Creek Lores Bonney Park Lorna Shoal Lost City Lost Hill Lost Spring Lousy Creek Low Bald Hill Lowry Shoal Luckie Hill Lucknow Mine Lucy Mine Ludmilla Ludmilla Creek Ludmilla Pre School Ludmilla Primary School Lyne Reef Lyons Lyons Cottage Lyons Lagoon M.A. Bore Macadam Range Mackenzie Arm Maddalozza Slipway Madford Creek Madford Inlet Madjellindi Valley Maggie Mine Mairanyi Yard Mairmull Creek Majirli Malak Malak Park Malak Pre School Malak Primary School Mandorah Mandorah Boat Ramp Mandorah Queen Mango Farm Manton Manton Dam Manton Dam Recreation Area Manton River Mantons Hill Manunda Terrace Pre School Manunda Terrace Primary School Maranunga Marbeena Yard Margaret River Marilliyum Marion Hill Mark River Park Marks Dam Marlow Lagoon Marlows Lagoon Marrakai Marrakai Conservation Reserve Marrakai Creek Marrakai Creek East Arm Marrakai Creek West Arm Marrakai Crossing Marrakai Lagoon Marrakai Park Marralum Marralum Landing Ground Marrara Marrara Christian School Marrara Fire Station Marrara Sporting Complex Marrara Swamp Marsh Shoal Martins Plain Mary River Mary River National Park Proposed Mary River Park Headquarters Masons Plains Masson Point Mathison Creek Mathison Creek Mine Matt Wilson Creek Maude Creek Mawson Inlet Mazlin Park Mc Clure Hills Mc Drill Creek Mc Kinnons Yard Mc Minns Lagoon Mc Minns Siding McArthur Park McCallum Creek McCallum Creek Sawmill Mcdonald Airfield Mcinnis Park Mckay Creek Mckeddies Mine Mckinlay Mine McKinlay River Mckinlay River McMinns Bluff McMinns Creek Meenie Creek Meeway Plain Melacca Creek Meneling Menngen Menzies Tank Mermaid Bank Merrepen Mica Beach Micket Creek Mickett Creek Middle Arm Middle Arm Boat Ramp Middle Bank Middle Creek Middle Ground Middle Passage Middle Point Middle Point School Middle Reef Middle Shoal Millar Siding Millars Point Milligan Lagoon Millner Millner Pre School Millner Primary School Milne Inlet Boat Ramp Milners Creek Milners Swamp Milton Spring Mimosa Plain Mindil Beach Mindil Swamp Minglo Creek Minmarama Park Minnie Lily Park Mistake Billabong Mistake Creek Mitchell Mitchells Creek Moerk Creek Moglamyee Yard Moil Moil Park Moil Pre School Moil Primary School Moira Reef Monday Hole Monkey Yard Montacutes Peak Moon Billabong Moon Boon Creek Moray Range Mordy Island Moresby Shoals Morgan Hole Creek Morgan Hole Lagoon Moriarty Creek Morrisons Mosquito Creek Mosquito Flat Mosquito Lagoon Mosquito Pass Moulden Moulden Pre School Moulden Primary School Mount Alaric Mount Alice Mount Alice Bore Mount Armstrong Mount Barwolla Mount Bayfield Mount Bennet Mount Bennett Mount Bonnie Mount Bonnie Mine Mount Boulder Mount Bowman Mount Briggs Mount Brock Mount Bundey Mount Bundey Creek Mount Bundey Mine Mount Burnwul Mount Burrell Mount Burton Mount Burton Mine Mount Carr Mount Catchlove Mount Charles Mount Cunningham Mount Currawillandpil Mount Daly Mount Darwent Mount Deane Mount Dempsey Mount Dermody Mount Douglas Mount Durand Mount Ellison Mount Farrington Mount Finn Mount Finniss Mount Fitch Mount Flemming Mount Foelsche Mount Freda Mount George Mount George Mine Mount Gertrude Mount Giles Mount Golla Golla Mount Goodwin Mount Gosse Mount Goyder Mount Grace Mount Green Mount Greenwood Mount Gregory Mount Gun Mount Gunn Mount Harris Mine Mount Hayward Mount Hogarth Mount Holder Mount Iinji Mount Johns Mount Keppler Mount Knuckey Mount Kukpalli Mount Lagani Mount Leonard Mount Leonard Bore Mount Lines Mount Litchfield Mount Mabel Mount Maccallum Mount Marie Mount Masson Mount Masson Mine Mount McLachlan Mount Millik Monmir Mount Millner Mount Minza Mount Mistake Mount Muriel Mount Nancar Mount Needham Mount Needham Bore Mount Osborne Mount Packard Mount Paqualin Mount Peake Mount Pearce Mount Peel Mount Pleasant Mount Porter Mount Ringwood Mount Rix Mount Ross Mount Saunders Mount Schultze Mount Searcy Mount Sellars Mount Septimus Mount Sheppard Mount Shoobridge Mount Smith Mount Stephen Mount Sweet Mount Thomas Mount Thymanan Mount Tolmer Mount Tuckwell Mount Tymn Mount Tymn Mine Mount Wells Battery Mount Whaleback Mount Wigley Mount Wigley Mine Mount William Mount Wollondain Mount Woods Mount Woods Mine Mowzie Billabong Moyle Plain Moyle River Mt Bonnie Creek Mud Spring Muirhead Muldiva Creek Muldiva Mine Mulingi Mullen Park Mullens Creek Mullens Ridge Munda Beach Murray Yard Murrenja Hill Murrumujuk Muruning Muscle Reach Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory Mussel Hole Yard Mut Pong Creek Myarang Creek Myatt Myilly Point Myrmidon Creek Myrtle Fawcett Park Myrtle Point Nacoolya Hills Nacoolya Yards Nadirri Nadirri Landing Ground Naenayee Lagoon Nakara Nakara Park Nakara Pre School Nakara Primary School Nama Nanaar Billabong Nangu Napp Springs Creek National Trust Museum Pine Creek Native Cat Creek Native Marsh Native Point Nauiyu Nebraska Beach Neds Knob Neds Lagoon Nelson Point Bore Nemarluk Nemarluk School Nesmit Tank New Bore New Brumby Bore New Moon Inlet New Yard Newcastle Range Nganalam Art Site Nganmarriyanga Nganmarriyanga Health Centre Nganmarriyanga School Ngardinitchi Ngarinthi Ngunthak Nias Dam Nicholas Creek Nienaber Creek Nightcliff Nightcliff Fire Station Nightcliff Health Centre Nightcliff High School Nightcliff Middle School Nightcliff Oval Nightcliff Police Station Nightcliff Post Office Nightcliff Pre School Nightcliff Primary School Nightcliff Public Boat Ramp Nightcliff Public Library Nimbi Creek Ninnis Creek Nioner Creek Nitschke Bore Nmg 176 No 1 Bore No 1 Tank No 11 S R Bore No 2 Bore No 2 Tank No 3 Mine No 5 Bore No 5a Bore No 6 Bore No 7 Hungry Bore No 9 Bore No. 234 Mine Noltenius Billabong Noogoo Swamp Noon Springs Noonamah North Australian Railway North Cubaran Bore North Gutter North Reedy Farm North Shell Island North West Vernon Island Northern Creek Northern Territory Library Northern Territory Open Education Centre Northern Territory University Darwin Northern Territory University Tiwi Northlakes NR Diemen Nts 282 Nts 309a Nts 386 Nts 397 Nts 398 Nts 399 Nts 400 Nts 401 Nts 414 Nts 423 Nulli Billabong Nutunry Creek Nutwood Creek Oak Point Oakes Creek Observation Hill O’Ferrals Rock Old Brumby Bore Old Company Mine Old Delamere Old Delamere Bore Old Delamere Landing Ground Old Homestead Bore Old Killarney Yard Old Litchfield Old Man Rock Old Marrakai Old Mission Old Mount Bundey Outstation Old Oolloo Yard Old Pine Creek Cemetery Old Point Stuart Homestead Old Station Tank Old Station Yard Old Willeroo Yard Olive Prospect Mine Oliver Reef O’Loughlin Catholic College Olympic Bridge One Falla Creek One Mile Creek Oolloo Oolloo Crossing Opium Creek Ormiston Park Osmans Bore Otto Creek Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Thamarrurr Catholic School Overflow Creek Owens Lagoon Oyster Rocks Packards Knob Packards Rivulet Packsaddle Creek Paddys Bore Palm Creek Palm Island Palm Lagoon Palmerston Christian School Palmerston City Palmerston City Library Palmerston Fire Station Palmerston Golf & Country Club Palmerston High School Palmerston Indigenous Village Palmerston Island Palmerston Police Station Palmerston Post Office Pam Creek Pandanas Billabong Pandayal Paper Bark Waterhole Paperback Creek Paperbark Bore Paperbark Spring Paperbark Yard Paqualin Hump Parap Parap Post Office Parap Pre School Parap Primary School Parbury Creek Paris Creek Parkers Bore Parliament House Pass Creek Pastry Wilson Park Paterson Park Paterson Point Patience Point Paw Paw Spring Peace Park Peak Hill Peaked Hill Pearce Point Peartree Creek Peartree Tank Peels Well Peggy Spring Pelican Creek Pelican Hole Pelican Rock Pell Landing Ground Peppimenarti Health Centre Peppimenarti Police Station Peppimenarti Pre School Peppimenarti School Peppimentarti Airport Perisher Bore Peron Island North Peron Island South Peron Islands Perrederr Perrederr Landing Ground Peter Creek Peter McAuley Centre Peters Creek Pethericks Rainforest Phoenix Park Phyllis Uren Park Picketts Mile Mine Pickfords Mine Picnic Cove Picnic Point Pigeon Camp Pigeon Hole Bore Pigeon Springs Piker Pocket Creek Pikers Pocket Mine Pine Creek Cemetery Pine Creek Compound Pine Creek Fire Station Pine Creek Health Centre Pine Creek Mine Pine Creek Police Station Pine Creek Post Office Pine Creek Railway Precinct Pine Creek School Pinelands Pinkerton Range Pint Pot Creek Pioneer Beach Pioneer Creek Pioneer Park Pittard Spit Plateau Point Plater Beach Plater Rock Playford Playford Creek Poinciana Park Point Barry Point Blaze Point Celyon Point Jenny Point Margaret Point Stephens Point Stuart Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge Point Telfer Point Waters Police Hole Lagoon Policeman Waterhole Policemans Hole Polly Creek Pony Pocket Creek Port Daly Port Darwin Port Darwin Camp Port Darwin Camp Diggings Port Darwn Camp Mine Port Keats Port Keats Aerodrome Port Keats Barge Landing Port Patterson Port War Porters Creek Potato Tin Waterhole Pouch Corner Pozivil Creek Prague Predictor Hill President Park Preston Point Pretty Park Price Creek Price Knoll Prices Springs Priors Knob Pritchardia Park Prospect Hill Prousts Crossing Providence Hill Pussycat Flats Golf Course Qantas Park Quail Island Quarry Hill Que Noy Park Queen Mothers Park Queens Channel Quening Pen Bore Quins Creek Quoin Island RAAF Darwin Rabbit Creek Rabbit Spring Yard Rabbit Springs Rabbit Springs Creek Racecourse Billabong Radfords Blow Mine Raft Point Railway Dam Rainbow Bore Raintree Park Rakula Rankin Point Rapid Creek Rapid Creek Oval Rapid Creek Park Rapid Creek Water Gardens Razorback Recovery Creek Red Bank Creek Red Bul Bore Red Cliff Red Lily Lagoon Red Lily Waterhole Red Rock Creek Red Rock Dam Reedbeds Park Reedy Hole Reedy Lagoon Reg Hillier Park Reggie Park Reichardt Creek Retribution Bore Reynolds River Reynolds River East Branch Ricebowl Waterhole Ricegardens Creek Richards Hill Richardson Park Riley Dam Ring Lagoon Ringwood Creek Ringwood Range Ritchies Bore River Annie River Bore River Charlotte River Peak Robbie Robbins Reserve Roberts Creek Roberts Park Robertson Barracks Robin Falls Roche Reef Rock Candy Range Rocket Creek Rockhole Rockhole Billabong Rocky Tank Bore Roderick Creek Rogers Bay Romula Knob Ronan Park Roney Roonees Lagoon Rooper Rock Rooster Creek Rosebery Rosella Park Rosewood Bore Rosies Falls Ross Ponds Ross Smith Aerodrome Round Hill Royal Darwin Hospital Royal Park Ruby Billabong Ruby Island Rum Jungle Rum Jungle Creek Rum Jungle Siding Rustlers Roost Mine Ryan Creek Sabina Sabina Landing Ground Sacred Heart Primary School Saddle Creek Saddle Creek Dam Sadgroves Creek Saint Andrew Lutheran School Saint Francis Assisi School Saint Francis Xaviers School Saint Johns Catholic College Saint Mary’s Catholic School Saint Pauls Catholic School Salonika Crossing Salt Lick Creek Salt Trough Creek Salt Water Arm Saltwater Arm Boat Ramp Saltwater Creek Saltwater Yard Salty Bore Samantha Spring Sampan Creek Sampson Creek Sand Island Sanders Creek Sanderson Middle School Sandfly Creek Sandy Camp Yard Sandy Creek Sandy Creek Yard Sandy Island Sandy Rock Hole Yard Sardine Lagoon Sargents Sattler Field Saunders Creek Scissors Creek Scissors Yard Scott Creek Scott Creek Bore Scott Creek Landing Ground Scott Point Scrubby Creek Bore Setay Valley Seventy Mile Dam Shadforth Park Shady Camp Shady Camp Billabong Shannon Shepparton Shoal Shipton Creek Shirley Creek Shoal Bay Shoal Bay Boat Ramp Shoal Bay Peninsula Shoal Bay Waste Disposal Site Shoal Reach Sholls Creek Shorelands Landing Sibbald Park Silvermine Creek Silversands Simms Reef Simms Siding Simon John Reef Sirius Park Sitebark Wharf Six Mile Bore Skeahan Billabong Skinner Point Skottowe Shoal Skull Creek Skull Creek Bore Skull Creek Major Bridge Skull Creek Minor Bridge Skull Yard Smith Park Smith Reef Smoky Creek Snake Creek Snake Creek Armanent Depot Snake Creek Yard Snape Creek Snows Bore Soda Creek Soggy Creek Yard Soldiers Creek Solo Bore Soubon Spring South Channel South Cubaran Bore South Gutter South Namco Bore South Shell Island South West Vernon Island Southport Southport Boat Ramp Southport Cemetery Southport Siding Spencer Point Spencer Range Spinifex Bore Spirit Hill Spirit Hill Bore Spirit Hill Station Landing Ground Spit Shoal Spring Creek Spring Hill Mine Spring Hill Siding Stanford Park Stanley Creek Stans Dam Stapleton Stapleton Cemetery Stapleton Creek Stapleton Falls Stapleton Siding Star Of The North Mine Starkes Creek Station Creek Stedcombe Park Steeles Bore Stephens Bank Stevens Creek Stevens Rock Stingray Head Stobo Park Stokes Hill Stokes Hill Power Station Stokes Hill Wharf Stokes Park Stokes Point Stokes Range Stone Park Stony Creek Storm Point Strauss Field Strawbridge Park Stray Creek Strele Park Stuart Park Stuart Park Pre School Stuart Park Primary School Stuarts Tree Stuart’s Tree Historical Reserve Stubb Yard Stump Billabong Sugarloaf Range Sullivan Creek Sullivan Yard Sundance Mine Sunday Creek Sunset Park Supreme Court Surprise Creek Surprise Creek Falls Survey Creek Swamp Point Sweets Lagoon Sweets Lookout Sweetwater Bore Sweetwater Creek Swim Creek Swim Creek Conservation Reserve Swim Creek Plain Swim Creek Plains Swim Creek Plains Landing Ground Swires Bluff Swordfish Bore Syphon Spring T & W Bore T H Crossing T H Yard Table Hill Table Land Creek Table Plain Tabletop Tabletop Range Tabletop Swamp Tahlee Inlet Talc Head Tamarind Park Taminmin Community Library Taminmin High School Tank No 2 Tank No 3 Tank No 4 Tank No 5 Tapa Bay Tapp Rock Tasman Park Tchindi Tchinyi Lagoon Teds Rest Temira Ternau Park Territory Rice Camp Territory Wildlife Park Thamarrurr The Banyans The Broads The Brothers The Causeway The Elbow Waterhole The Gardens The Narrows The Peel Creek The Pines The Shackle The Spiller The Tombs Thompsons Pocket Creek Thorak Regional Cemetery Thornton Park Thrings Channel Thrings Creek Ti Tree Bore Tidy Hill Timber Creek Aerodrome Timber Creek Cemetery Timber Creek Health Centre Timber Creek Police Station Timber Creek Police Station Museum Timber Creek Racetrack Timber Creek School Timber Yard Timor Sea Tin Pot Mine Tinker Hill Tipperary Tipperary Station School Tipperary Waters Ti-Tree Creek Tivendale Tiverton Park Tiwi Tiwi Barge Landing Tiwi Park Tjaetaba Falls Tjaynera Falls Tjenya Falls Tjuwaliyn Douglas Hot Springs Nature Park Tolmer Falls Tom Turners Creek Tom Turners Crossing Tomahawk Creek Tomaris Park Tommy Policeman Lagoon Tommycut Creek Tommys Creek Toms Gully Mine Top Springs Creek Tortilla Flats Tortoise Reach Torys Bore Toss Point Tower Beach Tower Hill Town of Adelaide River Town of Batchelor Town of Brocks Creek Town of Daly Town of Darwin Town of Fleming Town of Knutsford Town of Maranunga Town of Nightcliff Town of Palmerston Town of Pine Creek Town of Sanderson Town of Southport Town of Timber Creek Town of Tumbling Waters Town of Union Town Town of Virginia Tracy Park Trade Development Zone Trailer Boat Club Boat Ramp Transit Hill Trap Yard Treachery Bay Tree Point Tree Point Conservation Reserve Triangle Park Trinity Reach Trudies Falls Tumbling Waters Turkey Hole Turnbull Bay Turtle Billabong Turtle Island Turtle Lagoon Turtle Point Turtle Point Dam Twelve Mile Waterhole Twin Billabong Twin Gaps Twin Peaks Twin Rock Holes Twins Mount Twins Yard Two Fella Creek Two Sisters Hills U 153 U 154 U 161 U 587 U 636 Umbrawarra Gorge Umbrawarra Gorge Nature Park Umdoonuya Creek Uminyuluk Umyxera Creek Un Marr Landing Ground Union Extended Mine Union Hill Union Reef Siding Union Reefs Mine Union Town Union Town Cemetery Unjin Point Un-Marr Unsted Bore Untimelli Beach Untimelli Creek Upper Adelaide River Experimental Station USS Peary Valley Hill Van Waerwyck Reef Varney Park Veda Spring Vernier Park Vernon Islands Vesteys Beach Vestey’s Beach Boat Ramp Victoria Peak Victoria River Victoria River Bridge Victoria River Roadhouse Victoria River Roadhouse Landing Ground Vigilant Inlet Virginia Wade Rock Wadeye Wadeye Community Library Wadeye Health Centre Wadeye Police Station Wadham Lagoon Wagait Wagait Beach Wagaman Wagaman Park Wagaman Pre School Wagaman Primary School Waining Point Wak Wak Walangurrminy Waler Lines Walker Creek Walker Creek Ranger Station Walker Shoal Walkers Ford Walter Park Walwalgiyn Falls Wandinya Wangi Wangi Falls Wanguri Wanguri Park Wanguri Pre School Wanguri Primary School Ward Point Warren Creek Warrmali Island Water Gardens Waterbag Creek Waterlily Creek Watts Creek Waugite Waymar Weaber Range Weabers Bore Weaner Dam Weaner Turkeynest Weddell Weddell Park Weed Reef Wells Creek Welltree West Arm West Arm Landing West Baines River West Camp Oven Bore West Channel West Flora Bore West Homestead Bore West Point Whaeldanks Creek Whale Flat Wheatley Creek Whirlpool Reach Whirlwind Plains Whiskey Creek Whiskey Spring Creek White Cliff Point White Hawk Jungle White Rock White Stone Billabong White Stone Creek Whitelaws Creek Whitestone Billabong Whitestone Billabongs Whitestone Creek Whittle Park Whyte Hill Wickham Wickham Heights Wickham Point Widdup Park Wild Horse Hill Wild Horse Plain Wildman River Wilderness Lodge Wildman River Landing Ground Willeroo Willeroo Landing Ground Willeroo Station Cemetery Willow Creek Wilshire Creek Wilson Park Wilsons Creek Windirr Island Windmill Plain Wingate Mountains Winnellie Winnellie Post Office Winton Bore Wire Creek Wire Yard Wishart Witch Wai Creek Wombat Billabong Wombat Bore Wombungi Wombungi Yard Wondoan Hill Wondon Bore Wong Yung Park Wood Rock Woodcutters Mine Woodfords Lagoon Woodroffe Woodroffe Park Woodroffe Pre School Woodroffe Primary School Woods Bore Woods Inlet Woods Promontory Woodycupaldiya Woodycupaldiya School Woodycupildya Health Centre Woolaning Woolaning School Woolbannah Hill Wooliana Wooliana Airfield Woolianna School Woolner Woolngie Battery Woolnough Reserve Woolwionga Mine Woolybutt Bore Woomeroo Creek Wootton Dam Wrigley Creek Wudaduk Wudapuli Wulagi Wulagi Park Wulagi Pre School Wulagi Primary School Wumirdin Wynbarra Waterhole Yam Creek Yam Creek Mine Yambarran Range Yamberra Mountains Yanyula Park Yarra Billabong Yarra Creek Yarrawonga Yederr Yelcher Beach Yerderr Landing Ground Yirra Bandoo Young Park Yujullowan Creek Yuwaiyunny Creek Zuccoli 16 Mile Billabong 20 Mile Pool 3 Mile Creek 3 Mile Valley 3 Ways Bore 4 Mile Creek 5 Mile Creek 6 Mile Creek 67 Creek 7 Mile Creek 8 Mile Billabong 8 Mile Bore 8 Mile Creek 8 Mile Mill 8 Mile Well 9 Mile 9 Mile Creek Abandon Creek Abercorne Creek Abney Hill Adolphus Island Afghan Cemetery Agnew Point Alice Hill Alligator Rock Alligator Spring Almarar Pool Andrew Creek Andys Chasm Angillula Springs Anjo Cove Anjo Hill Anjo Peninsula Anjo Point Anthon Landing Aragoon Argnal Creek Arnyo Pool Arungana Creek Ashton Range Atlantis Bay Attack Bore Attack Spring August Point Aunt Island Australind Bank Bald Hill Bamboo Spring Bambra Creek Bandicoot Bar Bandicoot Beach Bandicoot Point Bandicoot Range Bango Creek Banjo Creek Bare Hill Barnes Island Barnett Point Barton Plain Barton Plains Barton River Battery Creek Battye Spring Beauty Point Beck Rocks Bedford Stock Route Bedinbai Bell Spring Bell Springs Community Bend of the Ord Bore Berkeley River Bertram Cove Bessie Wiley Memorial Reserve Beta Creek Betta Creek Big Hole Bigungbull Waterhole Bindoola Creek Binghi Rocks Bird Island Bishop Rocks Bittern Creek Biyoogoong Plain Black Cliff Point Black Flag Bore Black Rock Creek Black Springs Blackrock Bluebush Dam Bluey O’Malleys Crossing Bluff Head Bluff Point Boiga Falls Boomerang Yard Borda Island Border Creek Bore Spring Bougainville Peninsula Bougainville Reef Brackish Lagoon Branch Banks Bream Ledge Bremla Creek Brolga Spring Browns Bore Bruce Creek Buckle Head Buffalo Flat Creek Buffalo Tank Bull Hole Bore Bull Spring Bulla Nulla Creek Bulldust Yard Bullet Paddock Bore Bundaberg Downs Bundanuma Springs Bundilee Bungledoon Park Burgoyne Spring Burt Range Burvill Point Butchers Camp Buttons Crossing Buttons Gap Calf Spring Calf Spring Bore Cambridge Gulf Camel Rock Camera Pool Campari Bore Campbell Creek Campbell Range Canal Creek Cape Bernier Cape Bougainville Cape Domett Cape Dussejour Cape Londonderry Cape Rulhieres Cape St Lambert Cape Talbot Cape Whiskey Card Creek Carlia Creek Carlton Hill Carlton Hill Station Aerodrome Carlton Plain Carlton Reach Bore Carronade Island Carson Bore Carson Crossing Carson Escarpment Carson River Casuarina Creek Cave Spring Cave Spring Gap Cave Spring Range Cheese Tin Creek Cheringoomerie Pool Cherrie Cove Cawston Bay Cawston Hill Cedar Hill Celebrity Tree Park Chamberlain River Changoola Creek Charity Hill Chimooli Dam Christella Falls Chum Spring Circular Cove Cleanskin Bore Cleanskin Creek Cliffy Point Coast Hill Cockatoo Pool Cockatoo Spring Cockburn Creek Cockburn Range Coghlan Hill Coghlans Landing Cole Creek Collins Creek Tank Collison Range Colochasia Creek Cone Hill Cone Mountain Coodimirrie Hill Coolibah Beach Coondillah Creek Coucal Gorge Couchman Microwave Repeater Station Couchman Range Cowan Patches Cracticus Falls Cranswick Falls Crater Valley Crossland Bore Crossland Creek Cumbarumba Community Cumbungi Inlet Curlew Creek Curran Point Damper Creek Dawrra Creek Daymeri Creek De Lancourt River Deception Range Deep Bay Diggers Rest Dillon Spring Dillong Springs Community Dilyan Spring Djadjamerri Pool Djanda Creek Djawari Pool Djila Crossing Djila Pool Djinina Pool Djoni Creek Dome Hill Dominic Creek Donkey Creek Doongan Double Hammock Dowala Pool Drayson Peak Dromaius Creek Drum Creek Drysdale Crossing Drysdale River Drysdale River Aerodrome Drysdale River National Park Duckhole Dam Dulcis Falls Dulmulingur Spring Dumas Lookout Dundas Point Dunham River Durack Bank Durack Bore Durack Crossing Durack River Duracks Folly Dysphania Gorge East Banks East Bastion East Governor Island East Holothuria Reef East Patch Echo Point Eclipse Hill Eclipse Hill Island Eclipse Islands Eclipse Yard Eddy Point Eeryoo Egan Spring Elasmias Creek Elasmias Falls Elbow Point Elephant Hill Elephant Rock Ellenbrae Ellenbrae Creek Elsie Island Emma Gorge Emu Hill Emu Springs Encounter Cove Entrance Shoal Eric Island Ernest River Erskine Junior Hill Erskine Range Euro Gorge Evelyn Island Everglades Excelsior Reach Eyre Reef Face Point Fairfax Island Faith Hill Fall Hill False House Roof Hill False Mount Cockburn False Mouths of the Ord Faraway Bay Fathom Rock Favell Bank Fern Pool Finches Creek Fish Rock Five Rivers Lookout Flappers Hill Flat Top Hill Fly Point Fly Spring Flying Fox Waterhole Forest Creek Fork Creek Forrest River Fossil Island Foster Range Four Mile Community Freeman Reach Freshwater Bay Galaxy Swamp Gale Bank Galileo Precipice Galley Point Gandalberi Springs Gap Creek Gap Hill Gap Point Gardner Falls Gary Ridge Microwave Repeater Station Gattenhof Hill Geranium Harbour Geranium Islands Gibb River Gilameri Pool Gladys Spring Glider Gorge Glycosmis Bay Gnamoongie Creek Golden Gate Checkpoint Gonai Goodingull Spring Goolime Goolul Creek Goose Hill Goose Hill Creek Gooseneck Billabong Governor Islands Grant Creek Grant Creek Bore Grant Creek North Granville Creek Green Flat Bore Green Island Grotto Creek Guda Guda Community Gudgudmeri Pool Guerinoni Bank Gulgagalganey Community Gumbula Creek Guthrie Banks Guy Point Hair Creek Haley Spring Hamilton Inlet Hardman Point Hare Channel Hargreaves Hills Hat Point Hay Point Head Hill Helby Island Helby River Henry Reef Hill Point Hog Back Hill Home Valley Honeymoon Beach Community Hope Hill House Roof Crossing House Roof Hill Hunch Hill Ian Bay Ila Point Ina Island Ingana Creek Inner King Shoal Islet Point Ivanhoe Ivanhoe Crossing Ivanhoe Plain Jabiru Passage Jacks Waterhole Jane Hill Jar Island Jeremiah Hills Jiringgur Jogalong Billabong Jogalong Flat John File Park Johnson Creek Jones Island Jooroo Ridge Joorook Ngarni Community Judjamoorie Pool July Point Jumburr Hill Jump Up Swamp June Point Kalumburu Aerodrome Kalumburu Community Kalumburu Mission Kalumburu Remote Community School Kanggurryu Island Keep River Plain Kellys Knob Kent Island Kim Island King King David Creek King Edward Bore King Edward River King George Falls King George River King Gordon Spring King Harman Point King River Crossing King Shoals Kingston Rest Klausmann Creek Knob Peak Knox Creek Kona Inlet Kona Point Koojarra Shoal Koolama Bay Koolawerii Creek Kununurra Aerodrome Kununurra Baptist Fellowship Kununurra Checkpoint Kununurra District High School Kununurra District Hospital Kununurra Diversion Dam Kununurra Microwave Repeater Station Kununurra Pre-School Lacrosse Island Laffan Point Lake Kununurra Lake Kununurra Golf Club Landslip Point Langfield Point Langoor Hill Laramun Creek Larriman Yard Larryoo Lauwa Creek Leading Hills Leake Hills Leichardt Spring Lena Hill Lesueur Island Lillilnariga Lily Creek Lagoon Limestone Mill Limpet Hill Little Lily Creek Long Island Long Michael Plain Longini Lookout Spring Outstation Loombanariga Creek Loomeree Pool Loonjool Creek Lorikeet Creek Lorroomoondanee Creek Lory Rock Louis Islands Low Island Low Point Lowya Creek Lump Hill Lyne Point Lyne River Mackenzie Anchorage Maggie Creek Maia Cove Main Channel Mainroads Creek Maitland Range Majun Malcolm Creek Malinjar Mama Hill Mangarr Mango Springs Mango Springs Creek Mangrove Bay Mangrove Point Mantinea Bore Mantinea Creek Mantinea Flat Mantinea Yard Marlgu Billabong Marndoc Martin Bluff Martin Springs Martins Beach Martins Marsh Marunbabidid Prap Prap Community Mary Island Matheson Ridge Maudoobar Spring Maxwell Creek Maxwell Plains Maxwell Plains Yard Mazzarol Creek Mcdonald Creek Mcquie Park Mcquie Point Medusa Banks Meealoyoo Hill Meelarrie Creek Meelarrie Waterhole Melon Creek Melon Spring Mendena Creek Mermaid Point Merringa Spring Merrinjie Mickey Hole Middle King Shoal Middle Osborn Island Middle Rock Milligan Ranges Milyoonga Miners Pool Minjano Pool Minjarrah Pool Mirima Spring Mirima Village Community Mission Bay Mission Cove Mission Rocks Mogurnda Creek Moiyoo Creek Molly Spring Molly Spring Creek Molly Spring Creek Yard Monger Creek Mongonai Creek Monkeytown Monorromboora Hill Moochalabra Creek Moochalabra Dam Moogarooga Creek Mool Mool Lagoon Moondoalnee Moongiyarrie Falls Moongool Gorge Moongoong Darwung Community Moongun Spring Moonlight Yard Moorello Morgan Falls Morgan River Mosquito Hills Mound Hill Mount Albany Mount Archdeacon Mount Beatrice Mount Bertie Mount Booton Mount Burns Mount Carty Mount Casuarina Mount Cecil Mount Cockburn North Mount Cockburn South Mount Connection Mount Connelly Mount Connor Mount Cyril Mount Dixon Mount Dorothy Mount Edith Mount Fraser Mount Harrison Mount Horace Mount Jane Mount Keating Mount Lawley Mount Leeming Mount Mcmillan Mount Mongona Mount Nicholls Mount Reid Mount Rob Mount Tooker Mount Wilshere Mount Zimmermann Mud Springs Muliarkar Community Mulindjara Creek Mullet Point Mundianna Crossing Mungalu Pool Munganji Myola Bluff Myrmidon Bank Myrmidon Ledge Naasra Creek Napier Broome Bay Neewalara Point Neil Butcher Gardens Nellie Bay Nemundul Pool Nendjean New York Jumpups Ngalawaree Ngildu Ngoollalah Creek Ngunda Creek Ngunulum Community Nicholls Point Nieldu Community Nimberline Creek Nimberline Valley Niminmungurr Spring Ningbing Ningbing Bore Ningbing Range Ningbingi Ningguwung Community Nixson Point No. 7 Bore No. 8 Bore Noachitty Rapids Noble Memorial Cairn Noolawayoo Creek North Eclipse Island North Rock Noseda Creek Nulbunmeri Creek Nulla Nulla Community Nyia Creek Nyia Spring Nymphaea Creek Oakes Spring Obstruction Hill Old Dip Yard Old Doongan Creek Old Doongan Outcamp Old Station Billabong Old Station Creek Olivers Beach Onslow Hills Oogalanoongoo Oologameri Pool Oomaloo Falls Oombrai Hill Oombulgurri Community Oombulgurri Rem Com School Ooraro Hill Opik Hill Optic Hill Orchid Creek Ord River Ord River Nature Reserve Orri Crossing Osborn Islands Otway Bank Otway Island Outer King Shoal Oyster Rock Packsaddle Lagoon Packsaddle Plain Packsaddle Spring Pago Palm Spring Palm Spring Microwave Repeater Station Palmer Creek Palmoondoora Palmoondoora Creek Pandanus Beach Pangoor Pangoor Creek Panjaneriga Panton Island Paperbark Point Paradise Pool Parndia Creek Parry Creek Parry Creek Farm Parry Harbour Parry Lagoons Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve Patch Point Patrick River Patsy Creek Pauline Bay Pearl Shoal Pelican Island Pelican Island Nature Reserve Pender Point Penguin Deeps Pentecost Ford Pentecost Range Pentecost River Petrogale Gorge Petrophassa Creek Pile Point Pim Hill Pincombe Range Pioneer Cemetery Pivot Hill Placid Creek Planigale Creek Point Spring Point Spring Nature Reserve Point Spring Yard Police Hole Pollard Hill Ponai Creek Poompangala Hill Poonjurra Hill Porpoise Hill Prap Prap Camp Pretlove Promontory Prince Island Prison Tree Pronga-Marie Creek Proudfoot Creek Pseudomys Hills Pump Station Point Pumpkin Billabong Yard Pumpkin Lookout Creek Pussy Creek Putairta Hill Quoin Hill Radar Peaks Rain Creek Red Bluff Red Head Red Hill Red Island Redbank Creek Reedy Creek Rees Point Reveley Island Rigby Beach Rigby Point Ringers Marsh Rivers Creek Robin Gully Robinsons Bore Rocky Cove Rocky Creek Rocky Island Roe Bank Rosendo Creek Rowena Downs Community Ruby Spring Rumundana Creek Russ Creek Russell Island Salmond River Sandy Beach Yard Saville Island Schizaea Creek Scorpion Island Scorpion Point Seaflower Bay Seaplane Bay Sellers Creek Selsea Bill Seppelt Range September Point Serendipity Creek Shakespeare Hill Shark Rock Sharp Peak Sharp Point Sheba Hill Siggins Spring Sir Frederick Hills Sir Graham Moore Island Sir Graham Moore Islands Six Mile Skull No. 1 Bore Slab Hill Slatey Creek Slaty Hole Snake Spring Sneezing Creek Solea Falls Sorby Hills South Patch Speedy Creek Sphinx Rock Spit Point St Josephs School Steamer Rock Steep Head Steeple Peak Steere Hills Stevens Channel Stevenson Pool Stewart Islands Still Bay Stockman Creek Stockmans Grave Stonewall Creek Stoney Creek Stony Point Sunday Middle Creek Swider Creek Symons Point Table Top Tadarida Creek Tadarida Scarp Tait Bank Tanmurra Bore Tanmurra Creek Tanmurra Pool Tate Point Telegraph Hole Terrace Hill Tessie Creek The Bastion Range The Diggers Rest The Gorge The Grotto The Gut The Knoll The Long Spring The Needles The Paps The Swimming Pool Theda Thompson River Three Mile Thurburn Bluff Thurburn Hill Tidepole Hill Tier Range Tilwillie Pool Tingun Creek Tommy Creek Troughton Island Troughton Island Aerodrome Troughton Passage Truscott Airbase Truscott-Mungalalu Aerodrome Tucker Bank Tumulus Hill Turkey Island Turtle Bay Turtle Hole Ubach Creek Ullala Creek Ullalbull Springs Umbali Uncle Island Undi Pool Ungaldji Ungoorari Creek Urinarr Creek Utting Gap Vaia Point Valentine Creek Valentine Creek Repeater Station Valentine Rock Hole Vancouver Point Vans Rock Vansittart Bay View Hill View Hill Range Viotti Peak Waddy Reach Wade Creek Wades Bluff Waggon Bottle Tree Bore Waggon Creek Walimbulimba Creek Wallis Peak Walmar Creek Waloobanbeningai Wanan Creek Waneenee Warambur Creek Waratah Shoal Waringarri Community Warn Rock Warraya Community Warringali Creek Warringillber Creek Warrworrum Community Watermelon Creek Wax Creek Weaber Plain Weaber Range/Jemandi Winingim Weaner Creek Webster Bluff Wedge Hills Wells Patches West Bastion West Bay West Bluff West Governor Island Westwood Creek White Stone Point Wijilawarrim Community Wild Goose Creek Wild Goose Lagoon Wilson Creek Wollangooyoo Pool Womerah Bay Wongalong Gra Wongalwarra Pool Wongaroodoo Gorge Wonjarring Woodhouse River Woonjah Creek Woorakin Creek Woothoo-Woothoong Spring Woppinbie Creek Worriga Gorge Wuggubun Community Wyndham Aerodrome Wyndham District High School Wyndham District Hospital Wyndham Golf Club Wyndham Microwave Repeater Station Yankee Spring Yard Creek Yarna Creek Yarrabar Creek Yarrar Creek Yearling Creek Yellow Waterhole Yellow Waterhole Creek Yinaringgai Creek Yiralallem Community Yoolo Creek Yoorawai Billabong Yorea Falls Young Creek Yow Creek Yow Spring Yoygin Creek Clarence Strait North West Island East Island South West Island Escape Cliff Point Glyde Point Stevens Flat Top Bank Stuart Point Stuarts Tree Historical Reserve Wildman River Hunters Middle Pass Howards Peninsula Night Cliff Koolpinyan OLoughlin Catholic College Marmara Swamp Flight Path Golf and Archery Fanny Bay Paraparap Vesteys Beach Boat Ramp Knuckeys Lagoon OFerrals Rock Gardens Oval Two Saint Marys Catholic School Packard Knob Packard Nob Kitchener Bay Alligator Heads Mitchell Creek Dooenda Quail Islet Delissaville Delissaville Aboriginal Station Bills Pool Humpty Doo and Rural Area Golf Club Douglas Peninsula The Palms Buttyerahit Lambetts Lagoons Roche Reefs Haycock Point Indian Islands Beatrice Hills Slate Cliff East Charlotte River Auld Lagoon Mary River National Park Stingray Point Darwin River Station Bowra Shoals The Brooks Celia Creek Jenny Point Heather Lagoon Burtons Creek Gitchams Kanyaka Station Walkers Creek Rum Jungle Station Coomalle Creek Angelara Waterhole Batchelor Siding Stapleton Station Jomes Creek Mount Rex Seargents Burrell Creek Blyth Gunns Creek Langdan Goodilla Mauds Creek Holly Springs Ban Ban Spring Fish Creek Gumpa Spring Fountain Head Station Half Peak Clump Point Elliott Creek Nottenius Billabong Annaburoo Gadens Price Spring Dashwood Plain Snake Billabong Allamber Spring Charlie Creek Goose Billabong Stewart Islets Snake Brook Guichen Reef Cobbs Lagoon Union Reef Station Esmeralda Troughton Islet Jones Islet Koojarra Island Nancar Billabong Paw Paw Springs Lesueur Islet Gallipoli Spring Sonrook Cloonmera Creek Red Islet Eclipse Archipelago Governor Islets Jerry Jerry Waterhole Mount Fleming Attack Lagoon Louis Islets Jindana Billabongs Driffield Creek Fergusson Siding Rocky Islet Dorcherty Islnad Cullem River Culiem River Horseshoe Siding Pago Mission Drysdale River Mission Station Wandie Creek Kelly Creek Jar Islet North Island McDrill Billabong Elsie Islet Oomari Finger Post Creek Longini Landing Eric Islet Foolnot Waterhole Oorara Hill Poomrangala Hill Caloombooroo Mission McDrill Creek Osborne Islands Blackfellow Spring Cape Saint Lambert New Dorisvale Aunt Islet Uncle Islet Yuwaiyunn Creek Number Two Hundred and Thirty-four Mine Number Three Mine Meduses Banks Noon Spring Mount McMillan Langoar Hill Pelican Islet Boundary Spring Hawyard Creek Pangoar Cape Dommett Keys Inlet Myrmidon Rock Gores Channel Gregorys Bar Odmbrai Hill Dumburr Hill Ina Islet Calf Springs Angalarri Pool Clean Skin Creek Egans Springs Gladys Springs Mongona Leichhardt Springs Forrest River Mission Goobaeri Bay Leguna Yambarren Range Vambarra Mountains Vambarra Range Yambarra Range Ngilde Ninbing Laudie Creek Nipple Wild Fig Spring Cajina Pool Moray Ranges Border Springs Mount Gola Gola Minjarrah Waterhole Minjarrah Native Well Mount Lagynix Milligan Range Angallari River Gid Pool Baldy Spring Mairanyi Pool McClure Hills Andrews Hill White Cliff Victoria River Depot Bastion Range Mount Nyuarrarat Pearce Spring Carlton Nulla Nulla The Cut Pandanus Springs Illari Hills Emu Hole Parry Lagoon Paddy Spring Mount Erskine Stony Hill Paddy Gorge Gardner Plateau Mirra Mulla Palm Springs Muligan Lagoon Lake Argyle Pinkerton Ranges Rooster Lagoon Queing Pen Spring Nuvergna Mount Cockburn Calilea Precipice Charlie Spring Muggs Lagoon Ord River Dam McQuie Point Dingo Spring Seven Mile Waterhole Denham River Duraek River Mount McCrann Erskine Hills Crossing Falls Eight Mile Waterhole Eight Mile Well Mount Robb Nigger Hill Mount Hensman Glenarra Creek New York Jump Ups Grimwood Creek George Yard Dillon Springs Cockatoo Springs Beasleys Knob Misquito Hills Skinner Waterhole Patsey Creek Micky Hole Cara Creek Lady Creek 


Name: Darwin
Publisher: Geoscience Australia (Australian Government)
Scale: 1:1000000
Latitude Range: 12° 0.0′ S – 16° 0.0′ S
Longitude Range: 126° 0.0′ E – 132° 0.0′ E
Projection / Datum: Lambert Conformal Conic, GDA94
Approx Print Size: 0.44m X 0.67m
Publication Date: 2013


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