Eastern and Central Europe Eyewitness Guide




Imagine travelling from Tallin, Krakow and Prague right through to Budapest, Dubrovnik and Ljubliana. This beautifully illustrated guide to Eastern and Central Europe takes you to every city, national park, castle, church, cathedral and museum worth seeing across Eastern and Central Europe.

For each of the 17 countries it covers, it suggests good hotels and restaurants, explains how to get around, and maps the major cities and towns. If you are one of those people who wants to see it all, this is the guide for you.

Sales points

1 Eastern and Central Europe have grown in popularity since the collapse of communism 20 years ago

2 DK publish best-selling travel guides to over 40 European destinations, including Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; Poland and The Czech & Slovak Republics

3 Includes over 2,000 colour photographs, maps and illustrations

4 Comprehensive hotel and restaurant listings

Format: Paperback: flexiback
ISBN: 9781405356022
Size: 125 x 217mm
Pages : 672
Publication date: 01 Sep 2010

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