Fishing Atlas For South East Queensland AFN




Fishing Atlas, Navigation & Beacon DirectoryOur southern Queensland waters envelop the city of Brisbane and the surrounding regions of the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. The area provides a wealth of water and fishing opportunities. A feature of this lovely part of the world is that it forms the mixing zone for southern and northern species. How many major Australian cities offer a backdrop that provides top-class fishing for the likes of Spanish mackerel, longtail tuna, snapper, threadfin salmon and bass? There really is much to love about this part of our coastline. The south-eastern corner of Queensland is heavily populated with anglers for a reason; it is blessed with a huge amount of water to explore and fish. It would take any angler decades to become familiar with half of it. Thankfully, Nigel Webster and a team of local experts have combined years of hard-earned knowledge and developed the Fishing Atlas for South East Queensland – Navigation & Beacon Directory. The publication provides detailed maps showing you what to expect when on the water. Highlighted locations are accompanied with detailed text that describes what fish species, structure and seasonal variations to expect in any one area; a summary of favoured local fishing techniques are also included in the description for each location. If you have ever wondered where the best local fishing locations are and how best to target them, then this book has all the answers! In this edition beacons and channel markers have been included.(Publisher Marketing)Additional product informationISBN: 9781865132495. Size: 310mm X 247mm. Pages: 176 pages. Binding: Plastic cover. Spiral bound. Publication Date: 2nd updated edition. 2015. Images (Colour or Mono) Full colour. Author and/or publisher Nigel Webster. (AFN).

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