Herbs and Spices Selfsufficiency





By Linda Gray

Saving delicious treats for the whole year

Some herbs grow vigorously, some are tender and need special growing conditions, some are annuals, some perennials, some you can grow indoors, all can be grown in pots or directly into the ground. There are also certain species, such as chillies, that can be grown in temperate climates. This clear and concise directory of herbs and spices provides all the essential information to help you grow a selection of these flavour-enhancing foods in small or large spaces.

Ideas for which herbs and spices go best with which foods also accompany each description, so that you can really enliven your repertoire of recipes.

Soft cover Perfect bound

B/W text & colour illustrations 128 pages

Published 2011

Size 210mm X 150mm

ISBN 9781847737755

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