How to Draw Australian Dinosaurs




By Paul Lennon

Discover the artist within by creating your own illustrated masterpieces with Steve Parish and the Queensland Museum's How to Draw Australian Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals.

If you enjoy drawing but are concerned that drawing dinosaurs is too difficult, this book shows you how easy it can be with step-by-step instructions. You will also learn simple techniques to bring your dinosaurs "to life" using pencils and paints, add speed or movement using shading, and provide perspective using size and colour. As you draw and colour these dinosaurs, you will discover fascinating facts such as what they ate, the sounds they made, how big they were and how they protected themselves.

It is hoped that through drawing, you will understand more about and have a greater appreciation of Australia's amazing prehistoric life.Illustrated by Paul Lennon, Scientific text by Scott Hucknull and Dr Alex Cook, Queensland Museum

225 x 290 mm, 32 pages, Paperback

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