Landscape Photography




Parish, Steve
Parish, Steve
Australia houses a spectacular range of landscapes. From the aquamarine waters of coral reefs to the deep iron-red desert dunes. And from alpine gums in snow to sunbaked savannas – this is a beautiful continent. What better way to experience it than to wander the landscape with a camera?

This Steve Parish Wild Australia Guide discusses the wealth of experiences available to photographers. Packed with how-to information and stunning photographic examples. It also delves into the philosophy behind the passion – make your work fun, while acknowledging it is a serious pursuit.

Clear, personable text leads new photographers, and those in search of new perspectives, through content, mood and design. And techniques such as working efficiently with light, finding natural pattern and changing viewpoint are also featured. The technicalities of equipment are explained clearly. I find that photography is an all-consuming passion – I hope you will be consumed by it too!

132 x 200 mm, 96 pages, Book
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