Microgreens USA




Eric Franks and Jasmine Richardson

Recognised as some of the most nutrient-dense greens available, those tiny leaves known as "microgreens" are packed with big flavour. And now, with simple instructions, you can grow your own little greens of arugula, basil, purple cabbage, chard, radishes, broccoli, cilantra and more and incorporate them into your daily meals. Their nutritional potency makes them a must-eat in a healthy diet. They can be eaten alone as a salad or incorporated into soups, entrees, sandwiches, burgers or anything else imaginable.

Microgreens teaches the easy process of how to plant and grow the little greens, as well as how to harvest – which on average is about 2 weeks after sowing. All you need is a porch, patio, deck, windowsill, or balcony.

Soft laminated cover 192 pages 248mm X 192mm

1st Edition 2009

APN 9781423603641

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