Parrots Wild Australia Guide




By Karin Cox

Raucous screeching and a sudden low-flying glint of red, green and blue is a wild Australian experience: a passing squadron of parrots. But which species were they? Where were they going, and why?

The nature of parrots – their acrobatics, intelligence and beauty – makes them beloved pets, but their lives and relationships in the wild are even more fascinating.

This practical field guide introduces them all: from clownish Galahs to quiet Mulga Parrots, from pastel-coloured Princess Parrots from the harsh, arid regions of spinifex and salt lakes, to Golden-shouldered Parrots, nesting in the termite mounds of Cape York.

High-quality photographs and information on appearance, behaviour and distribution make this book perfect for anyone who has experienced a fly-past, or watched Parrots deftly manipulate fruit – and wondered about the vivid lives of parrots.

132 x 200 mm, 112 pages, Paperback
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