Rock Hill 1-25,000 NSW Topographic Map




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Locations within this Map

Annie Rowan Creek Mount Barakee Blady Grass Hill Black Cliff Creek Budgary Creek Mount Budgary Mount Cameron Cockatoo Hill Deep Pass Galah Galah Mountain Govett South Limit Hill Mackenzies Creek Main Creek Mount Mistake Natural Bridge Nayook Creek Mount Norris North Head Pommel Hill Rock Hill Sandy Cave Creek Tambo Creek Tambo Limb Tuggerah Oval Valley of The Swamps Wollangambe North Dinner Gully Dinner Creek Wollangambe Newnes Plateau Barakee Dingo Creek Derailment Hill Railmotor Ridge

Name: Rock Hill
Publisher: New South Wales Government
Scale: 1:25000
Latitude Range: 33° 15.0′ S – 33° 22.5′ S
Longitude Range: 150° 15.0′ E – 150° 30.0′ E
Datum: GDA 94
Approx Print Size: 0.56m X 1.11m
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