Snappers Stingers and Stabbers of Australia




By Ian Rohr

Introducing Young Reed – an imprint of Reed New Holland Australian produced – full colour – 320 x 240mm 48 pages.

Australia can be a wild place. Armed with teeth and tentacles, speed and stealth, Australia’s wildlife have some impressive means of defending themselves or catching their dinner.

Snappers, Stingers and Stabbers of Australia covers a wide range of animals that can bite, sting, or stab you: from bees, ants and spiders to snakes, sharks and crocodiles. It includes:

-full-colour photographs of the creatures
-text full of interesting facts about their lifestyle and behaviour
-activities to test your knowledge
-a glossary that explains new words
-an index and a list of websites where you can find out more about the amazing creatures in this book.

Released: October 2006

ISBN: 9781921073021
Size: 323mm x 245mm
Format: Hard Back

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