Spineless Dealing with Pests in the Home and Backyard




By Bronwen Scott

Dealing with pests and pals in your home and backyard

Australian homes and backyards are abuzz with wildlife: flies in the bedroom, possums in the roof, earwigs in the pot plants and spiders hanging from the windows and racing across walls. There are ticks on the dog, fleas on the cat and nits in the children's hair. Bandicoots are digging up the lawn, the cockatoos have peeled the flashing off the roof and a bird is trying to mate with a car mirror.

This practical book will help you identify and deal with uninvited house guests safely and humanely.

You may also be surprised to discover that some animals perform useful services and are worth cultivating. For the pesky and downright alarming ones; however, this book features a host of simple devices and techniques for eradicating, removing or excluding them, including potions, scare tactics, sprays and traps.

At the back of the book there is a first aid section for humans suffering bites and stings, as well as one for injured animals.

Soft laminated cover. 250 pages.(2009). 179mm X 129mm. ISBN 9781741758368

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