The Home Preserving Bible




Drying, fermenting, pickling, curing, canning, cellaring, freezing-more and more people are getting into home food preserving, and with good reason. When you preserve your garden’s (or grocer’s bounty, you have access to healthy food year-round. Plus, you know what in your food-and more importantly, what’s not-when you control the ingredients.

Packed with detailed description, helpful illustrations, and nearly 300 recipes, The Home Preserving Bible is your one-stop reference for everything preserving-related. In it, you get:

  • – Clear and easy-to-follow instructions for the various methods of home preserving.
  • – A list of the tools, utensils,, and other equipment you need to get started.
  • – Essential information on proper food handling and safe preserving techniques.
  • – Tips for drying fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat, seafood, and even nuts and seeds.
  • – Fun recipes for fermenting wines, hard ciders, vinegars, yogurt and other cultured dairy products, and lacto-fermented vegetables.
  • – Pointers for perfectly pickled vegetables, fruits, eggs, and so much more.
  • – Recipes for dry-and wet-curing meats and seafood.

Tons of canning recipes, including fruits, vegetables, sauces, salsas, chutneys, jams, and pie fillings.


Additional product information

ISBN: 9781615641925
Size: 233mm X 187mm.
Pages: 444 pages
Binding: Soft laminated cover. Perfect bound.
Publication Date: 2012
Images (Colour or Mono) Text only
Author and/or publisher Carole Cancler. /Penguin Books
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