The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer





By Jonny Bowden

Author Jonny Bowden looks at what he calls “The Four Horsemen of Aging”—free radicals, inflammation, glycation, and stress—and shows how they can harm your health and shorten your life. Bowden then unveils an arsenal of anti-aging strategies culled from cutting edge research and lessons learned from the longest lived people on the planet. He examines how the major organs, such as the heart and the brain, age and how you can prevent damage to these vital parts of the body. In total, readers learn what they can eat, do, and take to feel great, avoid illness, and live a long life.

Publising Date: January 2010

Publisher: Fair Winds Press

Format: Paperback  288pp

ISBN-13: 9781592333400

ISBN: 1592333400

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