The Solar System Map Hallwag






A product from Hallwag Internationals Astronomical Space Map Series. This is a two-sided, folded paper map. The map is scaled at 1:10 Billion, (which is approximately 1" to 150,000,000 miles). It shows the mean orbits for the eight recognized planets, plus Pluto and most other objects known to orbit the Sun: such as comets and meteors. Several formulaic scales are shown on the map for metric distances and a ruler scale in Astronomical Units. (1 astronomical unit is about 93million miles) An inset diagram shows planetary sizes relative to the sun. The reverse has numerous datasets and diagrams involving the ecliptic orbits of the Sun and Moon, planetary orbits along the zodiac, apparent retrograde motion, mean configuration of the planets, eclipse and orbits of planetary satellites, relations of planets and their moons, photos of the planets and specific details regarding each one. There are also extensive texts and charts giving technical statistics and information on Planets, Satellites, Comets, Space Missions and much more. Planetary positions shown as of 1971; covers space missions to 1981; some revisions made as of 2002. Nearly all given information is multilingual: Primarily German; French, English, and Italian. Excellent for use by amateur and professional astronomers alike. Includes legend of symbols used.

Product Format Folded Map
Barcode 9783828301115
Unfolded Size (WxH) 1255 x 990 mm
Cover Size (WxHxD) 130 x 250 x 10 mm
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