What Shrub is That




By Stirling Macoboy

The essential guide to shrubs for your garden

Every illustration is accompanied by informative text that details how you can grow that particular shrub to perfection. Easy-to-follow symbols instantly point to the aspect and climate needed. Season of maximum display, mature height and spread and habit of growth may be seen at a glance.

Other information includes water and soil needs, temperatures tolerated, pruning requirements, methods of home propagation and when to fertilise. The popular names by which the shrubs are known are listed, as are the botanical families to which they belong.

There is also a glossary of important botanical terms and an illustrated appendix which groups related shrubs together – a guide most gardeners will find useful, for where one member of a botanical family thrives, others often will too.

Soft plastic cover. 370 pages

281mm X 231mm. Full colour

ISBN 9781877069697

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