Asia West Pacific Hema Paper


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This Asia West Pacific map shows the whole of Australasia including the sub-continental region of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Mongolia, Japan and the two Koreas as well as South–East Asia. The island nations of the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia are also represented along with Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Additionally, unlike other maps of this part of the world, this beautiful map also shows Australia and New Zealand for a very clear overall view of the region – therefore, we highly recommend this map for keen students of Asia, travelers or anyone with any interest at all in the region.

Each country is clearly differentiated from the other with bright, bold colors while States or provinces are clearly marked as well. Additionally, old and new place names are also included making it easier for people to identify cities and towns. For example, Yangon located in Myanmar (Burma) is also shown as Rangoon and these older place names are shown in brackets.

It’s level of detail is ideal for educators and businesses alike.

SIZE: 1000x875mm
SCALE: 1:15 650 000
ISBN: 1 875992 72 3

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