Australia Wall Map Flat Meridian Laminated




Meridian Maps Australia Wall Map Flat Meridian Laminated

This 1:4,750,000 scale wall map of Australia with all the nation’s top tourist sites, parks, and points of interest clearly marked. Clear and easy to read, this multi award-winning map is an ideal for business or to use to plot your travels around Australia.

The map includes an inset maps of Australia’s Territories and a Country Comparison with Europe. With a Distance Grids, Time Zone Clocks and Weather Charts of all the capital cities this map will get you safely around Australia. Available flat, folded and laminated.

  • Updated 3rd Edition
  • Scale 1:4,750,000
  • Large format wall map
  • Terrain & bathymetric detail
  • Country comparisons & territories maps
  • Award Winning easy to read but highly detailed design
  • Town Index, Weather Charts and Distance Grid
  • Map size 1000mm(W) x 840mm(H) flat
  • ISBN: 9781920958312 
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