Bairnsdale Dargo Omeo Adventure Map Rooftop




Bairnsdale Dargo Omeo Adventure Map Rooftop

Map coverage is from Paynesville, Metung and Lakes Entrance in the south to Dinner Plain, Omeo and Mount Nugong in the north. It includes Dargo, Mitchell River National Park, Swifts Creek, Cobungra, Victoria Falls, Cassilis, Deptford, Bullumwaal, Mount Baldhead, Haunted Stream and a huge amount of forest in between. Bairnsdale, Metung Paynesville, Swan Reach, Nicholson, 

A feature is the East Gippsland rail Trail which can be followed from Bairnsdale to Colquhoun, south-east of Bruthen. Scale is 1:100,000.The reverse of the map has a 1:50,000 scale enlargement titled ‘Dargo – Swifts Creek Forest Activities Map’ with contours. Livingstone Creek Scenic Reseve, Ensay, Tamboo Crossing, Haunted Stream, mbtg Tamboo River, Dargo River, Wentworth River

All parks, reserves and state forests are shown and more than 6000 km of roads and tracks have been plotted using GPS mapping technology.

Edition 2

Published 2012

The Rooftop Bairnsdale Dargo Omeo Adventure Map is also available laminated

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