China Travel Atlas ITMB


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China Travel Atlas ITMB
1ST Edition, 2010 1:2,500,000
China is growing in importance touristically as well as economically. The size of the country makes it difficult to portray this vast geographic entity favourably on a sheet of paper, even double-sided. The answer until now has been to divide China into segments. Now, for the first time, China is available in an enhanced scale in a book format that is compact in size, light-weight, and detailed enough for backpackers, businessmen, and those on a tour.
China itself is portrayed on 76 pages of detailed maps. Two pages of Lhasa maps follow, then 11 pages devoted to Beijing, 7 to Shanghai, 8 to Hong Kong, and 8 more to Guangzhou (Canton). This is a milestone publication, the first-ever book map of China by a non-local firm, in English/Romanized print – easy to understand, easy to use.
Size: A5 a compact small size with excellent detail.

ISBN: 9781553410751 

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