Denmark and Copenhagen Map ITMB


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Denmark and Copenhagen Map ITMB 

This map consists of a brand new country map in the ITMB style, using our own artwork, and an updated version of Copenhagen filling the reverse side. The city side covers most of the urban area, Copenhagen not being a huge metropolis to begin with, with a good coverage for hotels, restaurants, even bus stops, pedestrian shopping streets in the city centre, important buildings and museums, parks, rail stations and lines, and touristic attractions.

The country side is new digital artwork covering the entire country, showing motorways main and secondary roads, as many town names as we could find, touristic attractions, parks, camping areas, and anything else that we felt a visitor might want to see on a travel map. Denmark is relatively flat, so is a great place for long-distance cycling. The country has the well-known Helsingor Castle (Hamlet’s Castle in Shakespeare), Roskilde Cathedral, the aldstadt of Odense, the crane nests of Ribe, and much more to entice. This map also brings our European series one step closer to comprehensive completion.

ISBN 9781553410577 


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