Diamantina Developmental Road 1-250,000 Topographic Map Set




This Diamantina Developmental Road 1-250,000 Topographic Map Set contains 13 maps covering the area from Mt Isa to Charleville.

The maps contained are:-

Mount Isa Mount Isa south for 20-20km

Unandangi Mount Guide to the Darjarra turn off for 30km south

Duchess  Darjarra to 30km south

Boulia From Little Sulieman to Boulia

Springvale  Goodwood to Calendula

Bedourie Bedourie and the Eyre turn off

Machattie Marduroo into Bedourie map back into Machattie at Cookawinchika Waterhole

Betoota Over the Carbine Creek to Round Mountain

Canterbury Round Mountain to Canterbury to Toolah South Bore

Windorah Toolah South Bore through Windorah to castles Well

Eromanga Gummomo Wh to Cooper Developmental Road turnoff

Quilpie Seventeen Mile to to Quilpie to Cooladdi

Charleville  Cooladdi to Charleville

These maps can also be bought individually, see the search at the top of the page 

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