First Aid and Wilderness Medicine Cicerone


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By Drs Jim Duff and Peter Gormly

Sturdy Pocket Book of Information

This long established guide to first aid in the wild when you depend entirely on your own knowledge and resources now joins the Cicerone stable. It is written by doctors with major outdoor experience. This guide to first aid sets out clearly the protocols and procedures to follow. It talks about: preparation of first aid kits, and good preventative practice; dealing with life-threatening emergencies; specific injuries, such as head injuries, burns, broken bones, sprains; and problems associated with location, such as cold or hot weather, altitude, dehydration, food poisoning and digestive disorders, infectious diseases, bites and stings, rashes and respiratory problems. All topics are clearly referenced, and easy to refer to. It is an invaluable point of reference for all who travel and take part in outdoor, wilderness and mountain activities.

Soft plastic cover 247 pages. (10th Ed 2007) approx. 155mm X 100mm.

ISBN: 9781852849139


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