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The area of the coverage is from Koln(Cologne) in the north to the Swiss/Austrian borders in the south and east, and from the Rhine River in the west to Passau in the east. There is a little space left over to show surrounding countries, but Aachen, Strasbourg, Basel and Salzburg are noted on the map This is the first of the three detailed maps that will cover Germany in detail without concentrating on state-focused political divisions that mean little to non-Germans We have also simplified road classifications, using bluish violet for motorways as this color stands out, green for major highways and whitw for connecting roads Germanyis Europe’s most densely populated country and is loaded with historic town centres (called Aldstadts), cathedrals, castles, walled towns, and medieval buildings.
For this edition, we have noted what seem to us to be the most noteworthy and look froward to adding other treasures as our travel take us further into this fascinating land.

ISBN 9781771293099

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