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The Gold Escort Route between Adelaide and castlemaine is amongst the oldest interstate roads in Australia and possibly the oldest and most original that can still be travelled.

The Gold Escort Route was the first direct route between Adelaide and Melbourne. It followed tracks used by pioneer settlers in the mid-1840s when there were no maps, few sign posts and water was unreliable.

The huge Mount Alexander gold rush in Victoria resulted in the establishment of the South Australian Gold Escort Route used to transport miners’ gold back to Adelaide, saving South Australia from financial ruin.

The Gold Escort Service continued for two years and the route continued as the Adelaide-Melbourne Road for another 70 years. Some of the tracks in the Little Desert date from 1845 for European use and may well date back for thousands of years for Aboriginal use.

Road surfaces vary from bitumen highways to deep sandy tracks suitable only for high clearance 4WD vehicles. Maps show alternative tracks for use where the original Gold Escort Route no longer exists as well as options for wet weather use.

Travel the original Gold Escort Route between Adelaide and Melbourne. This route makes for an excellent club trip.

34 Page spiral bound travel guide featuring

  • 6 double-page maps of the entire Gold Escort Route with Latitude & Longitude grid and distances marked.
  • National Parks and Reserves with camping information.
  • Detailed roads and tracks.
  • Heritage & Touring information.
  • ISBN 9781875608416


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