GPS Vehicle Navigation in Australia




A comprehensive guide for four-wheel drivers and other navigators

Have you ever wondered about the Global Positioning System and how it works? Then again, how do you go about saving a track log so you can find your way back to that really great campsite tucked away deep in the mountains? Or maybe you would like to connect your GPS receiver to your laptop computer or PDA device to view your position in real-time? This book answers all these questions plus a whole lot more.

Written for both novice and experienced GPS users with a focus on technology and mapping available in Australia, the guide explains how to setup and navigate a vehicle, simply and reliably, using GPS technology. Learn the theory behind the science with this indispensable guide, packed with useful illustrations and plain English text.

Soft laminated cover. 243 pages. approx. 248mm X 170mm.

ISBN / APN: 9781876296384. 2nd Edition (2007).

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