Grant Historic Area Research Report Paoletti




Grant Historic Area Research Report Paoletti

Includes Grant, Talbotville, Howittville, Winchester, Thiel Town, Spring Hill, Summer Hill and Stonewall
A concise research report of the towns, places and mines of the Grant Historic area to aid you in further research and exploration.
This publication was originally prepared to assist with the creation of Paoletti’s Grant Historic Adventurer Map. It contains statistical information on mines, locations and townships to help in researching the area rather than a detailed historical paper and story on the region. Decades of research and ground work goes into finding all these sites, and this publication is for those who wish to pursue such a task, revisit and explore the rich history that our pioneers created.

The combination of our excellent published A1 sized “Grant Historic Adventurer” map with this report, will enable the user to enter a journey of discovery of this historic mining area. There are many publications depicting the history of this area, and we encourage you to also seek these publications to further help you in your endeavours.

Special thanks to Luke Steenhuis who provided much of the background information for this report.
Also includes over 150 known mine waypoint locations.

36 pages (2023)

ISBN 9780648945703



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