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Great Britain Map ITMB

This is the third set of artwork for Great Britain that we have published and the first that is completely our own artwork (the previous versions were joint ventures). In mapping, as in life, one has to differentiate between the political entity known as the United Kingdom and the geo-political reality of Greater Britain, which includes the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, and various assorted entities that are loosely attached to the UK by history.

We have tried, in this edition, to combine a detailed road map with a touristic sites map. Given that Britain is both densely covered by thousands of narrow laneway passing themselves off as sub-B level roads and by having the greatest treasure trove in the world of castles, manor houses, gardens, museums, and interesting places worth visiting, and the task of portraying all this information becomes formidable.

To keep the map from becoming too cluttered, we had to compromise, so if you don’t find the little laneway leading to your favourite pub in Devon, sorry. We’ve done our best to portray Britain as positively as possible, so if you’re hankering to visit Foula Island, it’s on the map!

ISBN 9781553414681

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