Ho Chi Min City and Region Map ITMB


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Ho Chi Min City and Region Map ITMB 
Old Saigon has morphed into new HCM. As Vietnam moves into greater economic prosperity, the urban expansion of the country’s largest city has been explosive. Saigon still exists, much as the City of London still exists, but it is only a portion of the urban area now. Ho Chi Minh City is actually a regional, or provincial, authority, covering an area far larger than the urban area itself. On this new edition of HCM, we have introduced a new map on the reverse side of the city map to cover the entire region of southern Vietnam centred by the city. This offers users a real advantage, in that the city map itself, useful though it may be, does not meet all of the needs of tourists by itself.
Most visitors to HCM also want to see the Cao Dai religious centre in nearby Tay Ninh, or spend time at the seaside resort of Vung Tau, or explore the various tributaries of the Mekong River. Thus, the regional map is a significant improvement to the city map, and brings this title into line with our other Vietnamese city maps, Hue Region and Hanoi and Region.

ISBN: 9781553416395 

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