How to Grow Microgreens


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How to Grow Microgreens By Fiona Hill

Microgreens – the tiny seedlings of herbs and vegetables – are today’s hottest gourmet garnish, offering a multitude of colours, textures and distinct flavours, ranging from mild and subtle to spicy, hot or nutty.

Larger than sprouts and smaller than ‘baby’ salad greens, microgreens are fantastic for those with limited garden space, as they are great to grow in containers on a terrace or windowsill. Immediate and practical, most varieties are ready in a week or so, and you can grow them in winter. As a bonus, as well as tasting great, nutritionally microgreens pack a powerful punch; they contain higher levels of active plant compounds than mature plants or seeds. How to Grow Microgreens provides detailed information – from planting to harvesting – for 25 popular varieties, along with recipes and ideas on how to use them. There are also chapters on troubleshooting, the nutritional value of microgreens and how to encourage children to grow and enjoy them.

Colour photographs
108 pages, 260 x 200 mm
Publisher: David Bateman, New Zealand

Paperback March 2011
ISBN: 9781869537654

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