Italy South and Central Map ITMB


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Italy South and Central Map ITMB 

4th Edition Scale 1:600,000 Earlier this year, ITMB released its original artwork map of Italy. We had previously issued a map of Italy North at this same scale to provide more detail than is possible on the country map. This map continues the process of showing Italy to advantage. Side one covers from Umbria Province north of Rome to below Naples and east to the Adriatic between Ancona and Brindisi. An inset map of Sardinia is also included. The second side covers the ‘toe’ of Italy, the island of Sicily, and several small islands in the Mediterranean. Italy is densely populated and has a complicated road/rail system.

This map expands the southern half of the country into a comprehensive whole, showing motorways in blue, mian roads in green, World Heritage sites, castles, and major churches. Italy is rich in history and marvelous attractions and is the type of country where one wanders, rather than travels, in exploration. ITMB also publishes a more detailed map of Sicily as a separate title, and hopes to publish one of Sardinia later this year. We also publish an excellent city map of Rome. Earlier in 2020, we spent a week in the Naples/Pompei/Amalfi area. There was so much to see that we never got south of Potenza.

ISBN 9781771293686 


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