Kalgoorlie 1-250,000 Topographic Map




This 1-250,000 topographic map is part of the series that covers the whole of Australia at a scale of 1:250 000 (1cm on a map represents 2.5 km on the ground) and comprises 513 maps. This is the largest scale at which published topographic maps cover the entire continent. Each standard map covers an area of 1.5 degrees longitude by 1 degree latitude or about 150 kilometres from east to west and 110 kilometres from north to south. There are about 50 special maps in the series and these maps cover a non-standard area. Typically, where a map produced on standard sheet lines is largely ocean it is combined with its landward neighbour. These maps contain natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours (interval 50m), localities and some administrative boundaries. The topographic map and data index shows coverage of the sheets. Product Specifications Coverage: The series covers the whole of Australia with 513 maps. Currency: Ranges from 1995 to 2009. 95 of maps have a reliability date of 1994 or later. Coordinates: Geographical and either AMG or MGA (post-1993) Datum: AGD66, GDA94, AHD. Projection: Universal Traverse Mercator (UTM) Medium: Paper, flat and folded copies.

Locations within this Map

Coolgardie Kalgoorlie-Boulder 10 Mile Dam 11 Mile Dam 12 Mile Dam 15 Mile Dam 27 Dam 28 Mile Dam 3 Mile Group 32 Mile Dam 42 Mile Tank 45 Mile Tank 5 Mile Bore 5 Mile Hill 54 Dam 6 Mile Dam 61 Dam 7 Mile Hill 71 Mile Dam 71 Mile Rock 71 Mile Well 8 Mile Dam 8 Mile Rock Dam 9 Mile Dam 9 Mile Rockhole Adelaide Dam Almond Rock Dam Armidale Arrow Lake Arthur Dam Baden Powell Group Baker Bald Hill Bore Balgarri Bali Bali Microwave Repeater Station Barbara Barbwire Dam Bardoc Bardoc Dam Bardoc Hill Bardoc Tank Barkers Find Battery Bore Battery Dam Bayley Beetle Rock Belgravia Bellvue Big Crest Dam Big Dick Bore Big Four Group Binduli Binduli Microwave Repeater Station Bitter Bore Black Dam Black Flag Black Flag Lake Black Rabbit Black Rabbit Dam Black Range Blister Dam Blow Dam Blue Dam Bluebell Bluebell Dam Bluebell Hill Dam Boggy Corner Dam Boggy Dam Bonnie Doon Bonnie Vale Boorabbin Bora Rocks Boucher Boulder Boulder Golf Club Boulder Primary School Boundary Dam Boxhall Park Breakaway Breakaway Dam Broad Arrow Broads Dams Broadwood Brown Dam Brown Lagoon Brown Lake Buffer Dam Bull Ant Dam Bulla Mack Mine Bullabulling Bullabulling Reservoir Bulletin Group Bullock Hole Bullock Hole Dam Bunyip Dam Burke Dam Caenyie Rock Calf Skin Bore Callion Calooli Camel Dam Camperdown Mine Canegrass Canegrass Lagoon Canegrass Swamp Caravan Dam Carbine Carnage Carnage Dam Carnage Lake Carritti Dam Cashmans Cattle Swamp Cave Hill Cawse Find Cawse Tank Centre Dam Chadwin Chadwin Dam Chadwin Tank Chadwin Well Charlie Dam Christian Aboriginal School Christies Dam Christmas Dam Christmas Gift Christmas Reef Clay Dam Claypan Dam Clear and Muddy Lakes Nature Reserve Clear Lake Close Well Coffey Bore Collards Find Comet Dam Consul Consul Well Coolgardie Golf and Recreation Club Coolgardie Primary School Coonmine Well Corduroy Bore Corriding Rock Cosgrove Dam Costean Dam Country Dam Cowarning Rock Credo Credo Group Credo Well Crest Dam Crooked Well Crop Dam Crowbar Dam Crown Dam Curara Soak Daniel Dam Dark Horse Davyhurst Davyhurst Bore Dixie Group Donkey Dam Double Wells Douglas Lake Doyle Dam Dry Paddock Corner Dam Dry Paddock Dam Drydens Drys Find Duck Pond Dam Dundas Tank Dunn 8 Mile Dunn Dam Dunnsville Dunnsville Dam East Kalgoorlie Primary School Easter Dam Eastern Goldfields Senior High Eastern Goldfields Shs Ed Support Centre Ellen Dam Emu Hill Microwave Repeater Station Emu Rock Dam Emu Tank Enclosure Dam Esdaile Creek Excelsior Fair Adelaide Fenbark Finnerty Dam Fly Flat Four In Hand Dam Gabenyering Rock Galah Dam Gatley Bore Gentle Annie George Dam German Ghan Dam Gibson Honman Rock Gidji Gidji Dam Gidji Lake Gilles Dam Gillis Dam Gimlet Dam Gimlet South Mine Gnoladgin Hill Golden Pole Golden West Goldfields-Esperance Region Goongarrie Goongarrie Hill Gorge Dam Government Dam Government Tank Grafter Group Grants Patch Grave Hill Great Ophir Green Dam Gudarra Gudarra Dam Gum Tree Dam Gunga Hainault Tourist Mine Halfway Dam Hampton Town Hampton Town Dam Hannans Hannans Golf Club Hannans North Hannans Primary School Hannans Suburban Area Harry Seaton Bridge Hawkin Heines Dam Heir Dam Hill Dam Hopkins Park Horans Big Dam Horans Small Dam Horrys Bore Horseshoe Lake Hut Dam Inkermann Italian Gully Ives Rock Jaurdi Jaurdi Dam Jaurdi Hill Jaurdi Well Jaurdie Hills Jimmy Rowe Dam Johnnies Dam Kalgoorlie Kalgoorlie Baptist Church Kalgoorlie Catholic Primary School Kalgoorlie Golf Club Kalgoorlie Microwave Repeater Station Kalgoorlie Primary School Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital Kalgoorlie School of the Air Kalgoorlie/Boulder Aerodrome Kangaroo On Road Dam Kangaroo Plains Dam Kanowna Karlkurla Karlkurla Bushland Park Kia Ora Dam King of Clubs King of Kings Well King of the West Lake Kintore Kintore Dam Kopai Lake Kunanalling Kunanalling Corner Dam Kunanalling Government Dam Kunanalling Mine Kunanalling Road Dam Kundana Kurrawang Kurrawang Community Kurrawang Dam Kurrawang Lake Kurrawang Mission Kurrawang Nature Reserve Lady Bountiful Lady Evelyn Lake Owen Lake Paddock Dam Lake Walton Lamington Laurie Dam Leaky Dam Leo Dam Liberty Group Lignum Swamp Little Crest Dam Little Dam Little Dick Bore Little Hill Dam Little Nipper London Group Macleay Dam Malary Bore Malary Dam Mascotte Matt Dam Merry Dance Mexico Dam Mick Adam Middle Barbwire Dam Middle Bunyip Dam Middle Dam Middle Scotia Dam Mikes Dam Mindjuring Rock Minetagin Rock Missouri Monument Dam Mount Burges Mount Carnage Mount Charlotte Mount Ellis Mount Finnerty Mount Gledden Mount Jewell Mount Pleasant Mount Robinson Mount Vetters Mount Walter Mount Walton Muddy Lake Mulgarrie Mulgarrie Dam Mullingar Mungari Mungari Dam Musson Soak Nagel Dam Nearanging Well New Australia New Boddington New Crest Dam New Mexico New Pole Dam New Sheep Yard Dam New Victoria New Victoria South New Year Gift Mine Ningamia Community No. 1 Dam No. 2 Dam No. 3 Dam No. 4 Dam North Kalgoorlie Primary School North Kalgurlie Mine North West Dam Northlander Group Norton Dam Nugget North Dam Nugget On the Fence Dam Nugget South Dam Nyborgs Find Oakley O’Connor Education Support Centre O’Connor Primary School Old 54 Dam Old Crest Dam Old Dam Old Pole Dam O’Loughlin Dam Ora Banda Oversight Paddington Paddy Knob Bore Paringa North Mine Park Dam Parkeston Perron Dam Peters Hill Peyes Farm Dam Phillip Piccadilly Pig Flat Pilaming Rock Pole On the Road Dam Powder Dam Pumping Well Dam Quondong Tank Rainbow Dam Rasmussen Park Recovery Mine Red Dam Red Lake Reptile Dam Riche Ringlock Dam Rockhole Dam Rocky Dam Roger Spring Rose Dam Rotary Peace Park Round Dam Rowles Lagoon Rowles Lagoon Conservation Park Rudds Dam Rundle Dam Ryans Find Saddle Dam Sadie Salt Lake Dam Salt Well Salty Jumpup Dam Sampson Dam Sardine Dam Scotia Scotia Dam Scotia Mine Sebastion Shallow Dam Shearing Shed Dam Shed Dam Sheep Yard Dam Siberia Siberia Government Tank Silt Dam Slattery Dam Slocum Dam Small Turkey Dam Smith Dam Smithfield Snowy Well Somerville Somerville Suburban Area South Boulder South Boulder Suburban Area South Dam South Kalgoorlie South Kalgoorlie Primary School Speakman Well Split Rock Dam Split Rocks Stacks Dam Stacks Hole Dam Stan Dam Star Dam Star of Fremantle Star of Wa Star Well Steve Dam Stewart Sunday Soak Swan Group Sydenham Sydney Mint Tattersall Telegraph Dam The Gem Theil Well Thelma Dam Three Eights Three Eights Dam Tindals Toorak Reservoir Top Dam Town Dam Turkey Flat Dam Turn of the Tide Turturdine Rock Two Dams Two Gum Dam Two Wells Ubini Udardunging Gnamma Hole Upper Scotia Dam Vetters Dam Vetters Sand Hill Vettersburg Victoria Enterprise Mine Victoria Mine Victory Heights Waihi Battery Mine Waihi Dam Wallangering Rock Wallangie Soak Wallaroo Wallaroo Rock Wallaroo Rock Conservation Park Wangine Lake Wangine Soaks Wangine Well Watt Hills Wealth of Nations Mine Weeladdie Well Wellington Group West Canegrass Dam West Kalgoorlie West Kalgoorlie-Esperance Railway West Lamington White Dam White Elephant Dam White Flag Dams White Flag Lake White Lake White Well Whitehead Dam Whitelead Dam Wild Dog Dam Williamstown Willow Dam Windanya Windanya Dam Wongi Bore Wongi Dam Wongi Hill Woodcutter Dam Woodline Dam Yankee Doodle Dam Yarmany Rock Yilkari Zoroastrain Zuleika Paperbark Brook Paperbark Creek Coorara Soak Lake Goongarrie Daveyhurst Wiladdi Soak Wangine Soak Canegrass Siding Six Mile Dam Number One Dam Coonmine Soak Sixty-one Dam Nearanging Soak Uddadunning Rock Fifty-four Dam Emu Rock OLoughlin Dam Pilaming Well Creedo Creedo Well Udardunging Soak Number Four Dam Deadmans Rock Ten Mile Dam Number Three Dam Twenty-seven Dam Gidji Siding Seventy-One Mile Rock Eight Mile Dam Seventy-one Mile Dam Number Two Dam Five Mile Hill Parkeston Station Mount Charlotte Reservoir Twenty-eight Mile Dam Golden Mile Brown Hill Fifteen Mile Dam OConnor Education Support Centre OConnor Primary School Doodoogooing Rock Eight Mile Rock Dam Wattaroo Rock Kamballie Timberfield Nine Mile Dam Eleven Mile Dam Wallangering Mungari Station Mount Hunt Flat Rock Skeleton Rock Three Mile Group Calooli Siding Ubini Siding Tindalls

Name: Kalgoorlie
Publisher: Geoscience Australia (Australian Government)
Scale: 1:250000
Latitude Range: 30° 0.0′ S – 31° 0.0′ S
Longitude Range: 120° 0.0′ E – 121° 30.0′ E
Projection / Datum: Universal Transverse Mercator, GDA94
Approx Print Size: 0.44m X 0.67m
Publication Date: 1-Jun-04

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