Libya and Tunisia Map ITMB


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Libya and Tunisia Map ITMB

The recent ‘jasmine revolution’ brings real-life reality very close to our consciousness. It is fitting that a new map of Tunisia is coming out just at this momentous time of the country’s long history, as the country has long been seen as a small but stable fortress in the sea of shifting sand known as North Africa. Having visited the country, I wish its inhabitants well as they undertake the next leg of their political development, and hope that the ‘revolution’ won’t be hijacked by extremist elements.

This map benefits from the research Lan and I were able to carry out during our recent visit to Tunisia. We were able to confirm a lot of road information, and improve our information on this map The map also now includes several text blocks we call capsule comments, describing in words certain brief facts about points of interest in the country. We have combined Tunisia and Libya into a double-sided map, with two covers.

We still have some inventory of Libya by itself, so will constrain comment about the Libyan portion of this map until a later date. Printed double-sided on paper.

ISBN 9781553413028

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