Lima and Central Peru Map ITMB




 Lima & Central Peru Map 1:13,000/1:1,500,000               

Peru is one of the most popular travel destinations in South America, and everyone going there arrives in Lima, which is a very large and complicated city. In this edition, we have updated all the information for the city, covering the portion between the ocean and the historic centre and southerly to the Miraflores district.

Lima is not blessed with a good rapid transit system, but we show the two lines and the busway, embassies, hotels, shopping areas, historic sites, etc. The new part of the map is a detailed travel map of the central portion of Peru on the other side. This side would be particularly useful for those visitors planning to travel from Lima to Cuzco, or Pisco, or north to Cajamarca., or even into the upper reaches of the Amazon. It has excellent road information, and hundreds of touristic points of interest are noted on the map. This map is printed double-sided on paper.

ISNB: 9781553416562 

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