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Melbourne’s Waterfalls 314 Waterfalls within 100km of Melbourne 3 Volume Set by Travis Easton

In 2007 I began a quest to visit, measure, gps and photograph every waterfall I could find within 100km of Melbourne. I started by visiting the waterfalls on modern maps, and in the course of doing this came across some older maps which documented waterfalls that were not marked on the newer ones. I then started finding other drops on old photographs I had found in the Victorian State Library archives and others referenced in history books, vintage tourist brochures and old newspaper articles. As I continued I began to find still more that were completely undocumented. One I found was a staggering 75m high and yet had never been mapped or to my knowledge documented in any way before. Excited by the possibility that there were more substantial waterfalls out there waiting to be found I expanded my search to include every waterway with conducive topography and geology for waterfall formation in my search area (I define a waterfall as any drop of 10 feet/ 3 metres height or more on mapped waterways over rock).

‘Melbourne’s Waterfalls – 314 Waterfalls within 100km of Melbourne’ is the result. I believe this book is quite ground breaking in its content as only 11% of the waterfalls covered in it have officially registered names and only 29% of them are marked on modern maps. To the best of my knowledge 39% of them have never been documented before at all. Because of this I believe this trilogy is a unique and a valuable addition to our geographic knowledge of this area. It is also jam packed full of beautiful waterfall photography, access directions, historical information and anecdotes about the discovery of those drops that have until now been virtually unknown.

Melbourne’s Waterfalls – 314 Waterfalls within 100km of Melbourne, Three Volume Box Set includes:

  • Volume One – Western Waterfalls:documents 53 waterfalls plus another 29 water features of interest, 134 page hard cover book. Areas covered includes: Geelong, Ballarat, Daylesford, Mt Macedon, Lerderderg. N.B. Only available as part of the box set (no longer available separately).
  • Volume Two – Northern Waterfalls:documents 155 waterfalls plus another 23 water features of interest, 254 page hard cover book. Area covered includes: Kinglake, Flowerdale, Yea, Alexandra, Mt Disappointment, Tallarook, Strathbogies, Hume Range, Black Range.
  • Volume Three – Eastern Waterfalls:documents 106 waterfalls plus another 61 water features of interest, 248 page hard cover book. Area covered includes: Dandenongs, Yarra Valley, Marysville, West Gippsland, West Strzelecki’s, Mornington Peninsula. N.B. Only available as part of the box set (no longer available separately).

Book Features:

Each volume divided into area chapters. Each chapter includes an introduction with a map, waterfall list and area description.

Each waterfall entry includes: 

  • The waterfalls name (including alternate and historical names if applicable)
  • The area it is in (i.e. Yarra Valley, Marysville, Mt Disappointment, Daylesford)
  • Access conditions (a small number are on private land or in restricted catchment areas with no public access)
  • Photographs of every tier
  • The watercourse it is located on
  • Type (cascade, plunge etc.)
  • Number of tiers
  • Height measurements in total and for every tier
  • Angle
  • Length (from top to bottom and between tiers)
  • Altitude above sea level
  • Season (perennial or ephemeral)
  • GPS co-ordinates
  • Recommended map
  • Distance from Melbourne
  • Closest town
  • Road access conditions and distance from closest town
  • Foot access conditions and distance
  • Park or property it is within
  • Facilities (tracks, viewing platforms, toilets etc.)
  • Anecdotes regarding its history, discovery or points of interest
  • Access Directions including detailed road and foot access directions

First edition, 2015

ISBN 9780957866959


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