Mexico Central and Mexico City Map ITMB




Mexico Central and Mexico City map ITMB

After a very brief time period of being unavailable, ITMB is pleased to announce the release of our newest Mexico City map, including a detailed map of Central Mexico on the reverse. MC is the largest city in the Western Hemisphere, with a population of 28,000,000 (or twice as big as New York City!). It would be impractical to portray the entire urban area on one map and have it make sense, so we show the portion of greatest interest to visitors, from the Chapultepec Zoological Park in the west to the incredibly busy Tapo Bus Terminal in the east, and from the railway station in the north to the southern east-west motorway just south of the main hospital complex. Much of MC’s touristic interest is concentrated in the Zona Rosa, Reforma, and Zocalo segments of the city centre, and these are shown in detail, noting hotels, major restaurants, shopping areas, and points of interest. The map also includes inset maps of the San Angel area just north of the university, an inset map of the greater Mexico City Federal District (with invaluable information about motorways), and a transit map of greater MC. The transit map is also reproduced on the back cover for ease of use.

The reverse side of the map focusses on the central portion of Mexico, from San Luis Potosi in the north to Acapulco in the south and from Puerto Vallarta in the west to east of Pueblo in the east. It includes several well-known tourist resort areas, but also several important historic centres of Mexico, such as Guadalajara, Taxco, Cuernavaca, Leon, and San Miguel de Allende. It would be worthwhile for anyone travelling to Mexico to have this map alone; combining it with MC merely makes it into a ‘must have’ for anyone flying into MC and hoping to explore beyond the city.


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