Mount Phillips 1-250,000 Topographic Map




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10 Mile Well 12 Foot Well 12 Mile Bore 12 Mile Well 17 Mile Outcamp 2 Mile Well 26 Mile Well 3 Mile Well 31 Camp Well 31 River 33 Mile Well 33 River 5 Mile Creek 5 Mile Well 6 Mile Creek 6 Mile Well 9 Mile Bore 9 Mile Creek Aeromotor Well Allan Well Alston Well Andrew Bore Arthur River Outcamp Augustus Springs Island Aurillia Creek Racecourse Branch Bangemall Bangemall Creek Bangemall Well Baragooda Pool Barndar Creek Barndoo Well Bassit Bore Beelu Island Beelu Pool Beelu Well Ben Well Bentley Well Beryl Well Big Bend Bore Big Island Big Minnie Creek Billabong Well Billy Well Creek Bilyarra Pool Birthday Well Bluebush Well Bolton Creek Boogooloo Well Boomerang Well Booree Bore Booree Creek Booroothunty Creek Booroothunty Well Bore Paddock Hills Boss Bore Bowe Well Brockman Well Brown Well Bubbajilby Pool Bubbawonarra Pool Bucken Bunder Well Bukawiri Pool Burke Well Burringurrah Community Bustler Well Cabbage Tree Well Cairn Calamity Well Calbrajacka Creek Camel Corner Well Camel Hill Camel Pool Cattle Pool Cattlecamp Well Centipede Bore Chalba Creek Chalba Well Chalby Chalby Christmas Well Clarke Well Clever Mary Hills Cobra Cobra Bore Codra Creek Coolianga Spring Coomberoo Creek Coondoo Coondoo Creek Coondoo Outcamp Coondoondoo Bore Coondoondoo Creek Coondoondoo Hills Coonoocoo Wash Coonoocoo Well Coorothoo Island Coorroolthoo Creek Coorroolthoo Pool Coorroolthoo Well Coppershaft Creek Corktree Well Corner Well Court Well Crabhole Bore Crawford Well Creek Well Crossroad Well Darawonga Well Davey Well Davis Creek Well Deathtrap Outcamp Deathtrap Well Deep Frederick Well Deep Well Dellas Creek Dellas Well Disaster Well Dixon Well Double Island Doug Bore Doweranin Creek Doweranin Well Dry Corner Bore Duncan Pool Dunlop Well Dunnice Well East Coorroolthoo Well East Minnie Well Eda Bore Edithana Pool Elliott Well Ellison Well Eudamullah Felix Well First Bore Fossil Hill Bore Frederick River Frog Well Fry Well Gap Well Geegin Well Gem Well Gifford Creek Gifford Creek Well Gillie Well Gillinardy Well Gnalbarrajunga Hill Gnungun Gooche Well Goodbody Well Goombergarra Pool Granite Well Gregory Well Griffith Well Gubbiddy Well Gum Creek Gunawiri Pool Gurun Gutta Pool Hart Bore Hatches Soak Herring Well Hooley Well Horrigan Well House Creek House Well Howlit Well Injinu Hills Injinu Springs Ion Well Isle Well Jackson Well Jamieson Well Johnson Bore Johnson Well Jones Bore K44 Well Keith Well Kendell Well Koonana Hill Koonana Well Koorabooka Creek Koorabooka Spring Lassie Well Lawn Bore Leake Spring Limejuice Well Little Minnie Creek Little Morrissey Creek Lockier Range Louden Well Lucky Well Lyons Lyons River North Macs Well Madonga Creek Madonga Pool Mallet Well Mango Well Marden Well Marloo Well Marthary Pool Mccarthy Bore Mccarthy Well Mcewen Well Mcgregor Well Medalia Pool Medanga Spring Meeka Well Megan Bore Mica Well Mick Well Middle Spring Middle Springs Creek Midway Bore Millar Well Mingabaloo Well Mingo Well Minierra Well Minindi Creek Minnie Creek Minnie Springs Minniearra Creek Minnieritchie Well Mombo Creek Mooloo Moran Well Morrissey Creek Morrissey Hill Morrissey Pool Morrissey Well Mortimer Bore Mortimer Hills Mount Agamemnon Mount Augustus Mount Augustus National Park Mount Gascoyne Mount Genoa Mount Isabella Mount James Mount James Creek Mount Observation Mount Phillips Mount Samuel Mount Steere Mount Yaragner Mountain Bore Mud Hut Well Mulga Wash Mummil Pool Mummil Well Murkathadda Pool Murrum Hills Murrumburra Pool Mutherbukin Pool Nardoo Creek Nardoo Hill Well Nardoo Well New Bore New Reg Well New Well Newell Well No. 1 Bore No. 1 Well No. 10 Well No. 11 Bore No. 14 Bore No. 2 Bore No. 2 Well No. 3 Bore No. 3 Well No. 4 Bore No. 4 Well No. 5 Well No. 6 Well No. 7 Bore No. 9 Bore Nookawagga Pool North Bore North Well North West Land Division Nurunah Hill Oakley Wash O’Connor Well Old Homestead Well O’Malley Well Onslow Creek Onslow Well Osbourn Well Paddy Well Peak Bore Peedawarra Bluff Peedawarra Creek Peedawarra Flat Peedawarra Well Pelt Well Perseverance Well Peter Pan Bore Pimbyana Creek Pink Hills Bore Pink Hills Creek Police Station Woolshed Polly Well Procter Well Pyramid Hill Query Well Ram Well Rampaddock Well Ration Paddock Well Red Hill Well Reid Well Reproval Bore Ring Well Robinson Bore Robson Bore Rubberoid Well Russell Creek Russell Hill Russell Pool Russell Well Salt Pool Salt Well Salt Well Creek Saltbush Bore Sandy Creek Saucepan Bore Seymore Bore Shallow Well Shannon Well Shea Creek Shot In Well Skewthorpe Well Smith Well Snake Well Snowy Well Sorrenson Pool South Reg Well South Well Spinifex Well Spring Camp Creek Spring Camp Outcamp Spring Creek Stead Bore Stone Tank Well Swamp Well Tallangatta Outcamp Ted Well Teddy Bore Terminus Bore Tetlow Well The Pink Hills The Pound Thomas River Thomas Well Ti Tree Well Tobin Well Tommie Well Toohey Well Tubroo Well Ugarling Pool Ulna Well Ulura Pool Ulura Well Uni Well Urida Well Vandyke Well Victory Bore Virrigundy Pool Wabli Creek Wabli Pool Weedarra Well West Coorroolthoo Well West Lyons River West Minnie Well West Well White Well Wilson Bore Windarrie Pool Withnell Well Wongarrie Creek Wongarrie Pool Woolshed Bore Woolshed Well Worth Bore Yallarie Well Yallowerie Well Yaniwandel Pool Yinnetharra Yinnetharra Pool Moolowoon Spring Mooloowoon Spring Durlarcher Creek OConnor Well Minnie River Pelts Well Frys Well Bandar Creek Gregory Creek Cavity Well Elliott Creek Clark Well Seventeen Mile Outcamp Boorathonty Well Kurabuka Creek Snoweys Well Unie Well Russells Creek Xmas Well Hackets Gorge Well Coonoogoo Well Minnie Springs Well Bangemall Mining Centre Urara Pool Yallarrie Well McLean Well Olsen Well McEwen Well White Hills Well West Cooroothoo Well Cooroothoo Well Mallett Well Cattle Pool Bore Keith Bore Dennise Bore North Lyons River Yallawery Well Edda Bore East Cooroothoo Well Twelve Mile Well Tommy Well Bens Well Cattle Pool Waterhole Titree Well Ajax Bore Three Mile Well Peter Well Mingborloo Well Cattle Camp Well Smith Bore Mount Samuel Bore Leake Springs Well Bosses Bore Good Bodys Well Arthur River Browns Well Howlitt Well Steads Well McCarthy Well Cork Tree Well Davis Creek North Davis Creek South Binning Well Yinnietharra Bubbajilly Pool Gillies Well Della Well Dourenin Well Darcy Well Top Spring Pyramid Coogula Well Minniritchie Well Coondoo Well Codra Well Coondoondoo Spring Top Arthur River Well Buberoid Well Arthur River Well Boori Well Barragooda Pool Isles Well Gibidi Well Mount Gascoyne Out Camp Erabiddie White Hill Fays Well Bakers Well

Name: Mount Phillips
Publisher: Geoscience Australia (Australian Government)
Scale: 1:250000
Latitude Range: 24° 00.0′ S – 25° 0.0′ S
Longitude Range: 115° 30.0′ E – 117° 0.0′ E
Projection / Datum: Universal Transverse Mercator, GDA94
Approx Print Size: 0.44m X 0.67m
Publication Date: 1-Jun-06

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