Oakover River 1-1,000,000 Topographic Map Geoscience Australia




Oakover River 1-1,000,000 Topographic Map Geoscience Australia 1: 1 Million General Reference Topographic Map

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This map is part of a series which comprises 50 maps which covers the whole of Australia at a scale of 1:1 000 000 (1cm on a map represents 10km on the ground). Each standard map covers an area of 6 degrees longitude by 4 degrees latitude or about 590 kilometres east to west and about 440 kilometres from north to south. These maps depict natural and constructed features including transport infrastructure (roads, railway airports), hydrography, contours, hypsometric and bathymetric layers, localities and some administrative boundaries, making this a useful general reference map.

Locations within this Map

Punmu Jigalong 1 Mile Well 10 Mile Bore 10 Mile Creek 10 Mile Well 11 Mile Bore 12 Mile Pool 13 Creek 13 Mile Creek 13 Mile Well 13 Well 15 Mile Well 17 Mile Bore 17 Mile Well 2 Mile Well 20 Mile Sandy 20 Mile Sandy Creek 20 Ounce Gully 20 Ounce Well 3 Mile Well 38 Creek 38 Soak 4 Mile Bore 4 Mile Creek 4 Mile Well 5 Mile 5 Mile Bore 5 Mile Creek 5 Mile Hill 5 Mile Well 52 Well 6 Mile Creek 6 Mile Pool 6 Mile Well 61 Well 7 Mile Well 8 Mile Creek 8 Mile Mills 8 Mile Soak 9 Mile Bore Acacia Well Adrian Bore Adverse Well Aerodrome Bore Albert Cave Allen Bore Andy Creek Andy Well Angus Well Anketell Hills Ant Hill Peak Armstrong Well Back Home Well Badgeannah Well Baker Bore Balantine Springs Balfour Downs Bamboo Bamboo Creek Bamboo Queen Mine Bamboo Well Barbilgunyah Barker Creek Barkers No. 1 Bore Barkers No. 3 Bore Barnicarndy Hills Baroona Hill Barton Battery Basil Well Battle Hill Battle Hill Well Battlement Rocks Battler Mine Baxter Well Beaton Creek Beaton Gorge Beaton Rockhole Bee Hill Bee Hill Mine Bejah Hill Bejah Well Bett Bore Betty Bore Biella Spring Big Mulga Well Billabanna Well Billigilli Native Well Billin Ballin Creek Billin Ballin Rockhole Billinnooka Billjim Billowaggi Native Well Billygoat Bore Binbianna Rockhole Bindoo Well Bishop Creek Bishop Well Black Hill Blood Wood Well Bloodwood Well Blue Bar Pool Blue Spec Bluebush Claypan Bluebush Well Bob Well Bobbymia Bobbymia Creek Bonham Well Bonnie Creek Bonnie Doon Mine Bonum Well Boodallana Well Boodalyerri Creek Bookabunna Creek Bookabunna Well Boolginya Rockhole Boondamana Creek Boondawari Creek Boorabee Hill Bore Hole Bore Well Borehole Well Boundary Bore Boundary Well Box Well Brady Bore Braeside Bremner Peak Bridget Creek Bridgy Bore Bridgy Bridgina Well Broadhurst Range Brown Creek Brown Well Brownrigg Hill Browns Well Brumby Creek Brunette Hill Bubbawana Well Budidjara Gorge Bugga Bugga Pool Bulgamulgardy Soak Bulgoo Well Bulldog Creek Bulldog Well Bulletin Mine Bullgarina Hill Bullina Bore Bullock Well Bullstag Well Bullyarrie Well Bungabinni Well Bunmardie Creek Bunmardie Well Bunnabundi Bore Burranbar Pool Burranbar Well Butcher Camp Butler Creek Cabbage Gum Well Cabbage Tree Well Cairn Hill Cajuput Bore Cajuput Creek Cajuput Spring Well Calbine Pool Callawa Callawa Creek Callawa Well Calvert Range Camel Creek Camel Creek Well Camel Hill Camel Rock Camelhole Claypan Campbell Well Canning Stock Route Canning Well Cape Warton Caramulla Creek Carawine Creek Carawine Gorge Carawine Pool Carawine Rockhole Carcoonya Waterhole Cardoma Rockhole Carluborong Pool Carney Bore Carralapindarranuna Creek Carrawarrum Pool Carribuddy Spring Carrowina Creek Carrowina Pool castle Creek Cattle Creek Cattle Gorge Cattle Well Cave Bore Cave Well Charlie Well Charteris Creek Chessman Well Cedar Creek Cement Bore Chielagunja Centre Bore Chaff Creek Chillabiddy Well Chimingadgi Hill Chimingadgi Rockhole Chinablin Well Chinaman Springs Chinese Walls Chintabul Dam Well Chintabul Well Chirit Native Well Choorun Waterhole Christie Crossing Christmas Creek Christmas Pool Christmas Well Chukuwalyee Pool Chukuwalyee Well Clayton Gully Clayton Rockhole Cobber Well Cockatina Well Cockatoo Well Compton Pinnacle Con Well Conglomerate Creek Conglomerate Hills Connaughton Hills Connelly Bore Connolly Basin Coobina Coobina Creek Coobina Soak Cookes Creek Coolbro Creek Coolcoolinnarriner Pool Coolyu Native Well Coonanbunna Creek Coondamar Creek Coondanu Well Coondecoon Pool Coondoon Bore Coondoon Creek Coondra Coondra Creek Coondra Coondra Springs Coonieena Creek Coonina Well Cooracoorawine Pool Cooragoora Bore Coorapline Well Coorina Well Copper Gorge Creek Coppin Bore Coppin Gap Coppin Gap Well Coppin Well Coppins Bore Coppins Old Station Well Cordooin Pool Corktree Bore Cornelly Well Corner Well Cotton Creek Cow Well Cowra Bore Cromer Cone Cronin Hills Cubana Well Culby Well Cuncudgerie Hill Cundaline Gap Cundaline Well Cundarn Native Well Cundlebar Cuperite Hill Bore Curara Soaks No. 24 Well Currun Currun Rockhole Cuttacutta Soak Dam Well Darkies Well Davidson Creek Davidson Well Davis River Davitt Well Daylight Creek Daylight Rockhole De Grey De Witts Bore Deacon Well Dead Horse Well Deep Well Delubunine Pool Demon Well Depot Creek Desert Queens Baths Desert Well Dewhursts Well Dicks Bore Diebil Hills Diebil Spring Dingo Bore Dingo Creek Dingo Well Dinkum Well Dinney Well Discovery Well Djoogawalya Bore Dog Waterhole Doghole Well Don Well Donison Bore Donkan Bore Donkey Rockhole Donkey Soak Double Bore Drover Well Dummer Range Dunda Jinnda Dunkum Well Dunn Creek Dunn Soak Durack Well Durba Hills Durba Springs Duval Well Dyke Creek Dyke Well Eagle Rockhole Easter Well Eastern Creek Eastern Creek Well Eastern Shed Bore Eastward Creek Eastward Well Edenholme Bore Eel Creek Eel Pool Egan Well Elimunna Bore Ellywan Well Elsie Creek Elsie Well Emerald Bore Emu Bore Emu Creek Emu Range Enacheddong Creek Enacheddong Waterhole Engine Well Enterprise Well Esma Creek Ethel Creek Eva Broadhurst Lake Eva Well Farrel Well Ferris Tank Figtree Waterhole Fingoon Range Finney Well Flanagan Bore Florene Bore Footprint Flat Foster Well Fred Well Friday Well Friendly Stranger Mine Gallop Well Galteemore Gap Creek Gap Well Garden Pool Garden Well Gary Junction George Jones Hill Georgia Bore Ghost Castle Gibson Desert North Gidji Well Gindarjarie Native Well Gingarrigan Creek Gingarrigan Well Ginger Bore Gingorran Well Glynde Hill Gnumbina Pool Gnungathuddina Well Googhenama Creek Gorge Well Gossan Hill Government Well Goyder Well Grabowsky Range Grace Pools Gracie Bore Granite Creek Granite Hills Well Granite Well Great Sandy Desert Green Hole Gregory Creek Gregory Falls Gregory Pool Gregory Range Griing Spring Guli Lake Guli Native Well Gum Creek Gum Creek Well Gum Well Gumtree Well Gunanya Spring Gunowaggi Well Gunowarba Native Well Gunstock Well Gwenneth Lakes Hales Grave Well Half Way Well Hallcomes Peak Hanging Rock Hanns Rockhole Harbutt Range Hawkin Bore Hays Creek Hays Spring Haystack Well Hegarty Bore Heggarty Bore Helen Hill Helens Well Hennessey Well High Hill Bore Hill Y Hill Z Hobbs Well Home Creek Homestead Bore Horsecamp Bore Horsetrack Range House Creek House Well Howard Well Indjana Rockhole Innawally Pool Inside Well Iron Hill Ironstone Bore Irwine Well Isabella Range Island Hill Italy Bore Ives Pool Jardine Well Jarman Well Jigalong Community Jigalong Creek Jigalong Mission Jigalong Remote Community School Jigalong Well Jimblebar Jimblebar Bore Jimblebar Creek Jinacarly Bore Jinerabar Pool Joanna Spring Jones Well Joorina Well Junction Bore Junction Creek Junction Pool Junction Well Juntaru Well Kaliranu Hill Kalkan Kalkan Soak Kallona Bore Kallona Creek Kallona Pool Kallona Rockhole Kalunngalong Karakutikati Range Kari Soak Karlamilyi National Park Karlawinda Bore Kennedy Gap Kennell Well Kent Well Kidson Bluff Kidson Field Killagurra Gorge Killagurra Spring Kimberley Gap Kimberley Well King Hill King Rockhole Kitchener Mine Kitty Well Kittys Gap Kittys Gap Well Kondy Creek Kookenyia Creek Koomoonboonah Bore Koomoonboonah Creek Koondra Koongaling Creek Koongaling Hill Koongaling Rockhole Koongulla Rockhole Koop Hills Koowiabunya Rockhole Kujebookina Bore Kulgoola Rockhole Kulkinbah Creek Kulkurry Well Kullamulla Well Kullawarri Well Kumba Rockhole Kuna Rockhole Kunanaggi Well Kunawaritji Community Kunningina Hill Kurili Hill Kurrajong Creek Kurrana Creek Kurrana Well Lady Victoria Hills Lake Auld Lake Blanche Lake Disappointment Lake Dora Lake George Lake Waukarlycarly Lake Winifred Lakes Bore Lamil Hills Lang Well Larry Creek Larsen Claypan Larson Bore Larson Mill Well Larson Well Laurie Bore Lawrence Hills Leo Bore Levien Bore Lewin Bore Lewin Creek Bore Lewis Bore Libral Well Lightning Ridge Limestone Bore Limestone Well Linda Waterhole Linster Well Lionel Lionel Well Lirrpi Soak Little Creek Little De Grey Spring Little De Grey Well Little Degrey Well Little Junction Well Little River Creek Little River Spring Bore Little River Well Little Toombingidgee Well Long Pool Lookout Rocks Lower Mosquito Creek Well Lower Tarra Tarra Pool Lucy Bore Lynn Peak Lyons Well Macks Bore Macpherson Creek Macs Bore Main Rockhole Mallowa Native Well Malu Hills Mamutjara Waterhole Manganese Bore Marloo Marloo Rockhole Mary Bore Matt Well Matts Bore May Creek Mcangor Bore Mccameys Monster Mcdonald Well Mcfadden Range Mckay Creek Mckay Range Mcphee Creek Mcphee Creek Well Mctavish Claypan Meecardagunna Bore Meecardagunna Pool Meechara Well Meentheena Meentheena Outcamp Meeting Gorge Mejajagee Pool Mellinjerie Well Melon Well Mendigigil Rockhole Merry Bore Mick Well Mickerney Pool Middle Creek Middle Creek Well Middle Rockhole Midgengadge Creek Midgengadge Pool Midway Well Migunna Soak Mijijimaya Community Mijindinah Well Mikalong Bore Milbeena Bore Miles Hill Miles Ridge Millari Well Millinedin Creek Mindoona Bore Minga Well Mingah Well Miningarra Creek Minjoo Well Minti Waterhole Minyari Hill Mirragunya Rockhole Mishap Well Mission Fresh Bore Monitor Well Moodoo Native Well Moogera Rockhole Mooklin Well Moolya Well Moongemia Well Mopoke Well Moseley Bore Moses Chair Mosquito Creek Mount Cecelia Mount Chin Bore Mount Cooke Mount Cooke Bore Mount Cooke Mine Mount Cotton Mount Creek Mount Crofton Mount Divide Mount Edgar Mount Edgar Well Mount Elsie Mount Eva Mount Frank Mount Fraser Group Mount Hays Mount Hodgson Mount Ian Well Mount Isdell Mount Lewin Mount Macpherson Mount Maggie Mount Mckay Mount Mclarty Mount Newdegate Mount Nicholas Group Mount Olive Mount Prophecy Mine Mount Rosamund Mount Rudall Mount Sears Range Mount Shoesmith Mount Sydney Mount Sydney Bore Mount Sydney Creek Mount Sydney Spring Mount Traine Mount Trew Mount Trew Waterhole Moxam Well Moxons Well Muccan Muccanoo Pool Muddauthera Creek Mudjon Gorge Muir Crossing Mujee Pool Mujingerra Mulga Bore Mulga Soak Mulyegal Well Mundadjini Rockhole Mundarjita Native Well Mundaroo Well Mundiwindi Mundiwindi Bore Munganya Bore Murguga Well Murramunda Murramunda Spring Murramuralba Creek Murrien Well Murrumuralba Creek Muttarbarty Hill Myolla Bore Nangabbittajarra Nararoo Bore Narmana Waterhole Narrana Well Native Well Near Home Well Ned Well Neelaluna Claypan Nellie Creek New 20 Mile Well New Year Well Newbery Peaks Ngalkanginya Community Ngarrin Creek Ngumberamooring Pool Ngundarayu Water Nibil Well Nifty Aerodrome Nifty Copper Mine Nimberra Well No. 1 Bore No. 1 Rabbit Proof Fence No. 1 Well No. 11 Bore No. 11 Pool No. 11 Well No. 16 Well No. 18 Well No. 2 Desert Well No. 2 Well No. 20 Well No. 21 Well No. 22 Well No. 23 Well No. 25 Well No. 26 Well No. 27 Well No. 28 Well No. 29 Well No. 3 Bore No. 3 Desert Well No. 3 Well No. 30 Well No. 31 Well No. 32 Well No. 4 Well No. 40 Well No. 41 Well No. 42 Well No. 43 Well No. 44 Well No. 45 Well No. 46 Well No. 47 Well No. 5 Bore No. 5 Well No. 6 Bore No. 6 Well No. 7 Bore No. 8 Bore No. 9 Well Nobb Well Nobbelong Well Noodjaboonganoo Rockhole Nooganoonga Rockhole Nooloo Soak Noreena Creek Noreena Downs North Dromedary Nullagine Nullagine Aerodrome Nullagine Primary School Nullagine River Numeraguarra Pool Nunga Soak Nurgurga Well Nyianinya Rockhole Oakover Bore Oakover River Oakover Well Old 20 Mile Well Old Bore Old Camp Old House Well Old Mia Well Old Walgun Well Onegunyah Rockhole Opal Well Otway Bore Outcamp Bore Outcamp Well Paddys Bore Painkiller Bore Palm Spring Panaka Parnngurr Community Parsons Creek Paterson Range Patience Well Pearana Creek Pearana Rockhole Peedonah Bore Peelbegunja Hill Pegler Claypan Pelican Pool Percival Lakes Picallina Well Pickering Creek Picture Hill Pignatti Rockholes Pindabarranuna Creek Pindinyah Rockhole Pinjian Pool Pinnacle Well Pinpi Rockhole Pinypinyjanawu Rockhole Pippina Well Pippingunyal Well Pirkil Bluff Poisonbush Range Police Creek Poodawindi Bore Poonagarra Creek Poonda Rockhole Poonemerlarra Creek Post Office Well Poynton Creek Prescott Lakes Princess May Mine Pulbah Well Pulgorah Cone Pump Well Punmu Landing Ground Punpun Waterhole Puntapunta Hill Puntawarri Community Purlka Rock Pyramire Bore Quartz Hill Quartz Well Rabbit Proof Fence Rabbit Well Ragged Hills Well Ram Paddock Creek Ram Paddock Well Rat Hill Red Hill Redmond Creek Reece Well Reedy Creek Reeves Knoll Reid Bore Ripon Hills River Bank Well River Bore Robertson Range Robertson Range Community Robins Hole Rocky Pool Rocky Well Rod Well Rooney Creek Rooney Well Rudall River Runton Ranges Russell Headland Russian Jack Creek Russian Jack Well Ryan Well Saddleback Hill Saddler Bore Sahara Well Said Ameer Hill Salem Well Salt Bush Bore Salt Mill Salt Well Salt Well Carrowina Salt Well Creek Saltbush Range Sandy Creek Satellite Bore Savory Camp Well Savory Creek Savory Well Scott Bluff Scotties Well Scotty Well Searle Well Separation Well Shag Pool Shallow Well Shallow Well Creek Shay Gap Shay Gap Aerodrome Shay Gap Mine Shays Bore Shed Well Sheep Camp Well Sheep Well Shoesmith Cliffs Shovelanna Bore Shovelanna Hill Siddi Barrani Bore Simpson Well Sir Fowell Headland Skeleton Creek Skeleton Pass Skull Springs Slab Well Slate Range Smith Well Snell Well Soak Creek Soda Well South Dromedary Spider Creek Spinaway Well Spinifex Bore Spinifex Well Springo Bore Stag Arrow Creek Stag Arrow Well Star Well Steels Well Stock Route Bore Stock Route Creek Stock Well Stockyard Bore Stockyard Creek Stockyard Pool Stoneaxe Cave Stony Creek Stony Hill Well Strutton Creek Stuart Bore Sue Well Sugarloaf Hill Sunday Creek Sunday Hill Sunday Well Sunrise Hill Surface Well Surprise Well Swan Bore Sweet Well Swindell Field Syd Bore Sylvania Tabletop Talawana Talawana Creek Talawana Pool Talbot Soak Talga Hill Talga Talga Talga Well Tanangunyah Well Tandalgoo Rockhole Tanguin 12 Mile Well Tanguin 3 Mile Bore Tanguin Creek Tanguin Hill Tanguin Rockhole Tannera Well Tarcunyah Creek Tardanya Rockhole Taylor Creek Taylor Pool Tchukardine Pool Telfer Telfer Aerodrome Telfer Dome Telfer Golf Club Telygel Well Terrace Hill Terrella Creek The Dome The Dyke Range The Gap Well The Mount Well The Pinnacles Thompson Hills Three Jacks Well Three Sisters Hills Thring Rock Throssell Range Thursday Hill Tina Spring Tinkaby Bore Tiru Well Tjingkulatjatjarra Pool Tjintu Rockhole Tobin Lake Tobins Grave Tom Tit Hill Tomas Well Tommyhawk Bore Tommyhawk Creek Tongololo Creek Tony Well Tonys Bore Tooma Stockyards Toombingidgee Bore Toombingidgee Pool Tooncoonaragee Pool Toramah Soak Townsend Well Traeger Range Traves Cliffs Treacle Waterhole Trig Bore Trig Well Triwhite Hills Trotman Hills Tubuddabudda Rockhole Tuccamunna Well Tumbinna Pool Turkey Bore Turkey Place Hill Turummunda Rockhole Twin Gum Hill Twin Peaks Twin Rockholes Two Sisters Tyama Hill Ulalling Hills Ulalling Rockhole Underwood Well Upper 5 Mile Mine Upper Carawine Gorge Upper Carawine Pool Upper Middle Creek Well Upper Mosquito Creek Upper Tarra Tarra Pool Ural Native Well Vanadium Creek Veevers Meteorite Crater Wadara Range Waddabuna Pool Waddawalla Well Wadra Creek Wadra Rockhole Wakalba Community Walagoodjina Rockhole Walala Claypans Walbina Bore Walga Gorge Walgun Walgun Engine Well Walgunya Creek Walgunya Well Walker Bore Wallabirdee Ridge Walline Well Walsh Peak Waltha Woora Creek Wanda Well Wandanbah Well Wanderrie Well Wandurba Rockhole Wandy Wandy Creek Wanman Wardabunni Rockhole Waroongunyah Rockhole Warrabuda Native Well Warradoo Well Warrawagine Warrawagine Station Landing Ground Warrawanda Creek Warri Warri Creek Warroo Hill Watamantu Claypans Watch Point Watch Point Creek Watch Point Well Waters Creek Waters Pool Watrara Creek Watrara Pool Watrara Range Wattles Well Weelarrana Weenoo Soak Welcome Creek Wells Range West Bore West Dome Whatsamatta Well Wheelarra Hill White Bore White Quartz Hill White Quartz Range White Well Whitewood Well Whylaggra Pool Wickham Creek Wickham Well Wikri Community Wiley Well Wilina Well Wilki Range Willards Well Windaroo Well Windinah Bore Windy Corner Windy Corner Bore Windywindina Creek Winnecke Rock Woblegun Hill Woggaginna Hill Woggaginna Well Wokalba Well Wolline Well Wondina Well Wongalie Well Wongarlong Rockhole Wongawobbin Pool Wongawobbin Well Woodie Woodie Woodie Woodie Creek Woora Woora Hills Woorumby Well Wootha Wootha Creek Wullowla Wylie Well Wyndham Well Yandagooge Creek Yandagooge Gap Yandanunyah Rockhole Yandi Bore Yandi Well Yandicoogina Yandicoogina Well Yarku Waterhole Yarrana Heights Yarrie Yarrie Well Yeneena Creek Yeneena Rockhole Yerawonyah Rockhole Yilgalong Creek Yilgalong Pool Yooldoowindi Spring Yownama Creek Yukerakine Pool Yulading Pool Yundinna Creek Yundinna Well Yunera Pool Zulu Creek Zulu Well Telyagel Well Wangalee Well Titree Flat Kolunngalong Biggarong Grunng Spring Citadell Hill Desert Basin Desert Artesian Basin Chinaman Spring McTavish Claypan Shays Creek Gallawa Balantine Spring Taramah Soak Yarri Little de Grey River Narrana Creek Yalading Pool Six Mile Creek Mount Cecilia Coordooin Pool Toombingidge Pool Mijimimaya Community Barramine Coppins Gap Five Mile Well Bamboo Mining Centre Five Mile Hill Eight Mile Soak Mellinjerie Native Well Canning Basin Vilgalong Creek Koongalin Creek Barkers Creek Koongalin Hill Lyon Well Moxoms Well Maxoms Well Twenty Ounce Gully Braeside House Twenty Ounce Gully Mining Centre Deep Creek Coolyu Well Tumbiana Pool Meethleena Chessmans Well Rocks Pool Yandacoogina Mining Centre Yandicoogina Mining Centre Gallops Well Tonys Well Gunowarba Well Lamils Hills Steeles Well Tooncoonaregee Pool McPhee Creek Well Waddawalla Bridgex Creek Eastern Creek Mining Centre McPhee Creek Twenty Mile Creek Tailers Creek Tailer Creek Tailors Creek Murgugu Eoi Pool Butchers Camp Well Mosquito Creek Mining Centre Tailers Pool Tailer Pool Tailors Pool Karakutikati Ranges Twenty Mile Sandy Cadjiput Creek Skull Spring Five Mile Creek Middle Creek Mining Centre McPherson Creek Five Mile Horse Creek Cadjiput Spring Upper Five Mile Mine Googhenama Soak Punmu Community Lake Wooloomber Nooganonga Pool Ural Well Libral Sungabinni Well Wongarlong Mount McLarty Kallona Waterhole Table Top Hill Pinnacle Mallowa Yaneena Creek Mount McKay Bocrabee Hill Bograbee Hill Coondegoon Pool Three Sister Hills Dunda Jinda Well Tchukardine Waterhole Numeraguarra Curruncurrun Rockhole Mujingerra Well Table Top Nooloo Sand Soak Edenhome Bore Mickerny Pool Gargoonyah Waterhole Sugarloaf Moongoongunyah Rockhole Mount Connaughton Meecandagunna Pool Parongurr Community Badgeannah Harbut Ranges Jinarsoa Pool Warra Range McKay Range McKay Creek Jiggalong Creek Duracks Well Watch Point Hill Savoury Creek Jiggalong Mission Jiggalong Innawally Pools Mccamets Monster Kunanaggi McFadden Range Jimble Bar Mining Centre Opaline Quartz Knobs Boondawarri Creek Sir Fowell Head Stony Hills Roggaginna Hill Killogurra Spring Wakalba Commuinty Durba Spring Biello Spring Lady Victoria Group Mundawindi Russell Head Constance Head


Name: Oakover River
Publisher: Geoscience Australia (Australian Government)
Scale: 1:1,000,000
Latitude Range: 20° 0.0′ S – 24° 00.0′ S
Longitude Range: 120° 0.0′ E – 126° 0.0′ E
Projection / Datum: Lambert Conformal Conic, GDA94
Approx Print Size: 0.44m X 0.67m
Publication Date: 2013


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