Peters Projection World Flat Laminated


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Peters Projection World Flat Laminated 

The Peters World Map shows countries in proportion to their relative sizes. It is based upon the German historian Arno Peters’ decimal grid which divides the surface of the earth into 100 longitudinal fields of equal width and 100 latitudinal fields of equal height, a helpful corrective to the distortions of traditional maps.

While the Peters’ World Map is superior in its portrayal of proportions and sizes, its importance goes far beyond questions of cartographic accuracy. no less than our world view is at stake. This map helps us all to look at the world in a different way, showing the countries of the world in their real, relative sizes and has been updated to take account of upheavals in Europe and Asia following the end of the Cold War, the falling of the U.S.S.R and the break-up of Yugoslavia.

Size Unfolded 84 x 60cm

Size Folded 30 x 21cm

ISBN 9781872142029

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