South Africa India Travel Adaptor with USB Connector




Outbound USB Travel Adaptor-South Africa

Planning your next holiday or business trip, this compact and lightweight outbound USB travel adaptor is designed to make it easy to pack and carry. This adaptor rapidly charges your USB devices and allows Australia & New Zealand devices to be used in South Africa and Sri Lanka plus many other countries as per the list below:

Other compatible countries include:

Israel, India (parts of), Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan (parts of), South Africa, Sri Lanka.


  • 16 Amp Indian & Sri Lankan style outlets to power your appliances in the listed countries
  • 1 USB Port
  • Lightweight Smart Travelling 
  • Australian Business & Support



  • Supply rating 100-240VAC ~ 50/60Hz
  • Current 10A (Max.)
  • Power Rating 2400 Watt (max)
  • USB Outlet 5VDC 1A

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