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Spain Portugal Map ITMB 1:900,000 scale 1st Edition, waterproof, double-sided. This is actually a brand new map. Our previous map of Spain was shared cartography, done with a firm that has ceased business.

This is our own version, through co-operation with a renowned European firm and it is much more detailed, more informative, and more easily marketed as a result. The map is double-sided (east/west), with motorways colour-coded into free and toll roads, major highways, and scenic secondary routes, all with distances shown. As well, important touristic attractions, scenic spots, and as many cultural sites as could fit, have been added to the artwork.

Portugal, although smaller physically, has also been shown to good advantage, as have the Canary Islands and the three Mediterranean islands of Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza. Ferry routes are also shown. Printed on durable plastic.

Map size: 27″X39″


  • ISBN 9781553413721
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  • Manufactured by: ITMB Publishing Ltd.
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