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MarcoPolo Spanish Phrasebook. Never be lost for words again! Words are wonderful -they let us connect with each other, experience new worlds, and live life tothe full. We’ve collected together all the key terms and phrases you’ll need sothat you’ll never be lost for words during your adventures in a foreign cultureand with a foreign language. With our cheat sheet, you’ll always be ready todeal with any linguistic surprises that come your way. And if you’re stillstuck for words, our point & show pictures are an easy way to keep oncommunicating. Also included in the Marco Polo Spanish Phrasebook: – InsiderTips: To help you pass for an insider, not just a tourist. – Phoneticpronunciation guide: To help you pronounce all the words, terms and phrases easilyand correctly. Don’t be shy, get stuck in! – Menu decoder: Order with ease andtuck in with pleasure – foreign language menus will never be an indecipherablemystery again. – Up-to-date vocabulary: Including topics like Facebook, Skype,Sat Nav and Smart phones. – Point and show:

A picture is worth a thousandwords. Whether you’re out shopping, in a restaurant, at a hotel, or need helpwith your car: our point & show pictures will help you on your way. -Dictionary: An A to Z of the most important words. How handy! – Dos and don’ts:To help you to avoid faux pas abroad. – WARNING! Slang! Understand the localsbetter! – Cheat Sheet! Practical tear-out slip with key phrases fits easily ina pocket or purse. Whether you’re interested in culture or action, languagecourses or cooking classes, scuba diving or an evening out at the theatre: theMarco Polo Spanish Phrasebook gives you all the right words to make yourholiday even more exciting. The menu decoder ensures that you not only enjoythe food but that ordering is also fun. The main topics – organized inalphabetical order from Banking to Travelling with kids – can be looked upquickly and easily. And thanks to the simple phonetics, a brief and snappyexplanation of pronunciation, you’ll have the confidence to start talkingstraight away. Enjoy your trip!


ISBN:                   9783829708227

Format:              Paperback

Pages:                 136

Dimensions:    19cm x11cm

Published:        01September 2014

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