Sydney’s Best Bush Park and City Walks Edition 2


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Sydney’s Best Bush Park and City Walks Edition 2 By Veechi Stuart 

Full-Colour Guide to Over 50 Fantastic Walks With over 50 walks, all the major local National Parks included and many otherwise rarely visited tracks given a new lease of life, Sydney’s Best Bush Park & City Walks will enthuse even the most experienced walkers. Coverage from the edge of the Blue Mountains to the eastern suburbs, and from the Royal National Park to Cattai.

Illustrated in full colour with superb photography, detailed maps and easy-to- follow walk instructions, Sydney’s Best Bush, Park & City Walks perfectly complements Sydney’s Best Harbour & Coastal Walks and completes the Woodslane series of walking guides to the Sydney region.

The bestselling guide to over 50 fantastic walks
  • ISBN-13: 9781925403572 
  • Local release date: 07/06/2019 
  • Format: Paperback (220.00mm X 130.00mm) 224 pages  
  • Weight: 440g 
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