Tarcoola 1-250,000 Topographic Map




Locations within this Map

Carnding Road Outstation Irria Outstation Anthony Tank Euleena Bore Charcott Bore Chillarski Hill Harry Well Judy Corner Bore Sandy Tank Queenie Bore Skuse Hill Lewis Bore Mullina Yard Wogga Wogga Soakage Neverfail Bore Nardoo Bore McIntyre Tank No 2 Tank West Well Tolmer Hill Tarcoola Goldfield Coladding Rockhole Earea Dam No 17 Tank Pompeter Well Carnes Outstation Hilga Crutching Shed Moolkra Rockhole Day Bore Disappointment Tank Bulpara Hill Charlie H Bore Giffen Well Russell Bore West Warna Tank Harry Tank No 2 Bore Carnding Well Rounsevell Hill Warrior Outstation Pompeter Bore Top East Bore Wilgena Muckanippie Outstation Claypan Dam Konkaby No 3 Tank Pompeter Tanks Poothinga Rockhole Pundinya Tank Bradman Outstation Williams Dam Butler Well Hopeful Hill Coolbring Rockholes Partridge Well and Tank Black Oak Tank Wilgena Siding Cooning Dam No 3 Bore Tap Waterhole Moolkra Well Black Well Ooraminna Woolshed Birthday Trig Bore No 30 East Tait Bore J E Bore Deception Hill Tarcoola Hill Mount Finke Four Mile Tank Mentor Outstation Wynbring Rockhole Luscombe Well Three Mile Tanks No 4 Extension Tank East Gibraltar Bore Little Mount Finke Black Camp Hill Twins Tank Big Tank Cedric Bore Welcome Well Warrior Trig Brown Hill Hilga Tank Pompeter Tank One Mile Tank Tarcoola Victory Bore Harry Yard Pinding West Tank Hiern Well Mount Christie Claysons Well Pinding Rockhole Anthony Bore Company No 3 Well George Hill Mullina Tank Butterfield Bore Partridge Range Patricia Bore Warburton Range Konkaby No 2 Tank Wiltabbie Rockhole Three Hundred and Fifty Four Mile Station South Carne Bore Beacon Hill Tarcoola Special Rural School Neil Tank Government Well Russell Tank Jock Tank No 4 Tank Regal Bore Blackfellow Hill Darebin Rockhole Tom Well Kenella Tank Pinding East Tank Lewis Trig Talia Rockhole Sextabyng Well No 1 Bore Powell Hill Ambrosia Outstation Neil Bore Mullina Well Company No 1 Tank Wynbring Railway Station Malbooma West Tank Twins Bore Cooladding Rockhole Warna Tank No 17 Extension Tank Sextabyng Tank Satisfaction Bore West Tait Bore Luscombe Bore Pera Rockhole South Lake Fifteen Mile Tank Mulgathing Dusty Bore Konkaby Rockhole Peela Swamp Leslie Bore Mentor Trig Dingo Well Kychering Hill Bulpara Rockhole Basin Well Salt Springs Tank East Carnding Bore Malbooma Outstation Johns Outstation Eileen Bore Heartbreak Trig Top Tank Walbinna Waterhole Jenners Knob Teatree Bore Malbooma Swamp Bores Wiltabbie Well Mentor Well Bore No 23 Company No 2 Tank Ealbara Outstation Lewis Tank Aggression Bore Luscombe Tank Goode Outstation Burden Tank Welcome Tank Bring Rockhole Dorothy Well South Carne Tank Gibraltar Rocks Blackoak Bore No 34 Bore Pompeter Rocks Doubtful Bore Muckanippie Rockhole Twins Rockpile Charlie H Tank Gibraltar Well Lewis Boreold Konkaby Dam C C Bore Malbooma West Yards Giffen Yard Lake Moolkra Gibraltar Outstation No 3 Tank Government Dams Eilbra Well Ford Well Cedric Tank Mulgathing Rocks Trig Belaning Rock Durkin Outstation Boys Well Malbooma Railway Station Woolshed Bore Bore No 62 Hilga Crutching Shed Tank George Bore Corner Bore Blackoak Tank Kychering Rocks Tarcoola South Dark Hill Geologists Well Mount Christie Corner Glory Quayle Rocks Ooraminna Outstation Claude Hill East No 34 Bore Giffen Tank Harry Bore Top West Tank Wilgena Hill Verity Bore East Carnding Tank No 4 Bore Peela Well Wilgena Post Office Ringwood Well Neills Bore Mail Gate Bore Homestead Dam Kenella Well Muckanippie Well Coates Hill Mullina Rockhole Queenie Tank Pegler Bore Belaning Rockhole Eileen Tank Bulga Well Bulgunnia Woolshed Carter Well Ken Bore Warna Rockhole Woomera Tank Ten Mile Tank Bulgunnia Leslie Tank Mudguard Gate Tarcoola Railway Station Lyons Camp Siding Zacharia Dam Wynbring Rocks No 1 Tank Koolye Tank White Nose Bore Carnes Siding South Australia State of South Australia Irria Well Sneyds Well J.E. Bore Bradmans Well Twins Rock Carne Outstation Mulgathing Rocks Anthonys Well Sextabyng Wells Teatree Well Rounsvell Hill Ealbara Out Station Jenners Nob Taloreh Rockhole Talcreh Rockhole Carnding Soak Wynbring Station Partridges Range Wynbring Ooladding Rockhole Lyons Camp Malbooma Station Malboom Station Malbooma Tolmers Hill Tarcoola Station Hierns Well Wilgena Station Blacks Camp Hill New Year Hill

Name: Tarcoola
Publisher: Geoscience Australia (Australian Government)
Scale: 1:250000
Latitude Range: 30° 0.0′ S – 31° 0.0′ S
Longitude Range: 133° 30.0′ E – 135° 0.0′ E
Projection / Datum: Universal Transverse Mercator, GDA94
Approx Print Size: 0.44m X 0.67m
Publication Date: 1-Jun-00

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