The Waterbug Book




By Gooderham and Tsyrlin

Winner of the 2003 Eureka Science Book Prize and the 2003 Whitley Medal.

Freshwater macroinvertebrates provide a useful and reliable indicator of the health of our rivers, streams, ponds and wetlands. As environmental awareness within the community increases, there is an increasing interest in the need to assess the health of our local waterways and school curriculums are changing to reflect this important ecological trend.

The Waterbug Book provides a comprehensive and accurate identification guide for both professionals and non-professionals. It contains an easy-to-use key to all the macroinvertebrate groups and, for the first time, high quality colour photographs of live specimens. It provides a wealth of basic information on the biology of macroinvertebrates, and describes the SIGNAL method for assessing river health. The Waterbug Book is full of practical tips about where to find various animals, and what their presence can tell about their environment.

Colour photographs, Glossary, Bibliography, Index
240 pages
Publisher: CSIRO PUBLISHING September 2010

Paperback – ISBN: 9780643066687

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