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MarcoPolo Pocket Guide Tokyo: the Travel Guide with Insider Tips Explore Tokyo withthis handy, pocket-sized, authoritative guide, packed with Insider Tips.Discover boutique hotels, authentic restaurants, the city’s trendiest places,and get tips on shopping and what to do on a limited budget. There are plentyof ideas for travel with kids, and a summary of all the festivals and eventsthat take place. Let Marco Polo show you all this Japanese capital city has tooffer… Tokyo is a glorious mix of the ultra-modern and the deeply traditional.From the historic temples, imperial palaces, classical art and kabuki theatreto the neon-lit skyscrapers and kitsch ‘Love’ Hotels, Tokyo never ceases toamaze and inspire. Take a stroll through immense green parks, enjoy atraditional tea, experience Japanese culinary delicacies, shop in some of theworld’s largest malls, see a sumo match… This is Tokyo! Your Marco Polo TokyoPocket Guide includes: Insider Tips – we show you the hidden gems andlittle-known secrets that offer a real insight into the city. Best of – findthe best things to do for free, the best ‘only in’ Tokyo experiences, the bestthings to do if it rains and the best places to relax and spoil yourself.Sightseeing – all of the top sights are organised by areas of the city so youcan easily plan your day. Discovery Tours – 4 specially tailored tours will getyou to the heart of Tokyo. Experience all the delights of Tokyo with thesepersonal tours. Tokyo in full-colour – Marco Polo Pocket Guide Tokyo includesfull-colour photos throughout the guide bringing the city to life offering youa real taste of what you can see and enjoy on your trip. Touring App – downloadany of the Discovery Tours to your smartphone, complete with the detailed routedescription and map exactly as featured in the guide, free of charge. The mapscan be used offline too, so no roaming charges. The perfect navigational toolwith distance indicators and landmarks highlighting the correct direction totravel in as well as GPS coordinates along the way. Enjoy stress-freesightseeing and never get lost again! Street Atlas and pull-out map – we’veincluded a detailed street atlas and a handy, pull-out map so you can pop theguide in your bag for a full-on sightseeing day or head out with just the mapto enjoy your Discovery Tour. A metro map of Tokyo is also included. UsefulJapanese phrases – the essential words and phrases are included to help you getby. Trust Marco Polo Pocket Guide Tokyo to show you around this fascinatingcity. The comprehensive coverage and unique insights will ensure you experienceeverything Tokyo has to offer and more. The special tips, personal insights andunusual experiences will help you make the most of your trip – just arrive andenjoy.

ISBN:                   9783829757706

Format:              Paperback

Pages:                 144

Dimensions:    19cm x11cm  

Published:        01June 2019

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