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Turkey Map ITMB

Turkey is one of the safe, reliable and friendly travel destinations for both holiday makers and intrepid explorers of more secluded regions in the East. Moreover, it provides easy access to the Caucasus and also the only road access to Iraq. Turkey’s size and its geographical diversity make mapping this country a real chalenge. Our project has taken more time than is usual at ITMB and the map has been slowly maturing. This first edition presents immense amount of up-to-date geographical information as well as useful hints and tips for travellers. It includes an inset with street plan of central Istanbul (1:11,000) and a comprehensive place name index.

Legend includes roads by classification, gas stations, airports, Tourist information centres, points of interest, museums, monasteries, mosques, ruins and archaelogical sites, World Heritage sites, accommodation facilities, natural features like national parks, wetland, swamps, caves, waterfalls and more. Topography is presented by altitude colouring with spot heights.
Printed on paper, double sided.

ISBN: 9781553414407

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